Check In Via GPS

MotorCrush location-based data to create a map of car meets and automotive culture happening in real time. The in-app live feed displays car check-ins in your city and across the country, creating car meets dynamically when multiple users are hanging out together.

Use the app to let other MotorCrush users in the area find you and check out your ride. Whether you’re a die-hard Subaru fan or a VTEC junkie, MotorCrush is a great way to connect with local car enthusiasts like you.

Add Detailed Mods and Customizations

If you’re a car enthusiast, you know how difficult it is to express how much work goes into modding, tuning, restoring, or upgrading your ride. MotorCrush gives you the tools to create and itemize your list of mods for other users to browse and admire. You might even start a new modding trend in your neck of the woods.

Download the app to start sharing your customizations and get an insider view of trending mods, enhancements, restorations and tune-ups. It’s all sourced from real drivers (not editors).

Join or Start Live Performance Car Meets

We love car meets. So we created an app that starts them spontaneously. Any user with any car can be the first to check in while they are out cruising or hanging with friends at a car show. If another user checks in nearby, a meetup is dynamically created, letting the MotorCrush community know where car culture is happening LIVE.

Car meets on MotorCrush can take a small hangout or car show and turn it into a massive display of car culture instantly. Connect and talk shop in a matter of minutes.

Offer your High-Performance Parts for Sale

Gear is gold when it comes to cars. So MotorCrush gives you a way to share your wares and find someone who’s looking for exactly what you’ve got in stock.

Items for sale are stored in your user profile and available for public users or followers to view, depending on your privacy settings. This means anywhere you check in, whether at a car show or a swap meet, other users can browse the inventory you’re looking to flip and pay for your next upgrade.