The Social Network for Car Enthusiasts...

See how MotorCrush is connecting the car, truck and bike culture.

In-App Garage

Add your car, truck or motorcycle – it’s the first step in the MotorCrush experience.  Show off what makes your vehicle unique, from its story to its enhancements, and view other garages to get inspiration for your next mod!

Live Car Meets & Events

The app uses location-based data to create a map of car shows and meets, allowing you to find one – or start and promote one – in real time.  Check in at a show or plan a meet with your club to let other MotorCrush users find your car and club.

Social Network & Clubs

Finally, a social network built just for car enthusiasts. With MotorCrush, you can connect with other users, send messages, follow activities, and even form clubs – without the extra noise of traditional social media.

For Sale Listings

Sell your parts, accessories, or even cars by listing them for other users to find.  And when you check in at a car meet or show, other users can see what you’re looking to flip.  All to help you pay for you next upgrade faster.

Business Services

Looking for trustworthy and user approved recommendations on parts or shops? Check out other MotorCrush user’s profiles to see the businesses that have helped them with installs and upgrades in the past.


Friendly competition is a natural part of the car culture.  See how your car stacks up against users from around the world, and win prizes by competing in MotorCrush sponsored contests.

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