Show off your cars. Start meets. Share mods and more.

MotorCrush is the app for the modern performance car enthusiast. Build out your in-app garage by adding your cars and customizations in a few simple taps. Scan for other drivers in your area LIVE to see what’s under their hood and where they did their modifications. Locate or start car meets via GPS positioning. Or connect with drivers around the world that share your passion for car brands and mods.

By joining the MotorCrush community, you’ll get an insider view of trending mods, enhancements, restorations and tune-ups – all the car content you love, sourced from real drivers (not editors).

Use MotorCrush to:

  • Add cars to your in-app garage
  • Check in via GPS to let users know you’re on the road
  • Add detailed mods and customizations for others to see
  • Scan for, join or start live performance car meets
  • Offer your high-performance parts for sale
  • Be a part of our culture and provide valuable feedback