MotorCrush: Calling All Trucks!

This photo is a line of Ford pickup trucks featured at a truck show. The truck in the forefront has modified the Ford logo on the grill with an American flag theme.

Car enthusiasts don’t have a monopoly on all the MotorCrush fun.

There’s a very active—and growing—community of truck owners on the social app for car and truck enthusiasts. A growing percentage of the vehicles registered on MotorCrush are trucks, so there is already a budding network of truck enthusiasts connecting, socializing, listing parts for sale, mod-sharing and showcasing their vehicles on the network. A lot of these trucks are featured on the MotorCrush social media feeds and in the weekly news emails.

This weekend, MotorCrush will be out in force at the Carlisle Truck Show (August 4-5). To make everyone’s truck show experience more exciting, we’ll be holding the latest installment of the MotorCrush Cash Contest.

Every time a truck checks in to MotorCrush during a car show, $$ goes into the winner’s pool. The checked-in trucks with the most likes received get cash prizes from the winner’s pool. The first place car also gets a MotorCrush “Trophy” for their garage. There will also be prizes for the MotorCrush users giving the most likes on checked-in cars during the show.