This is a side shot of a 2004 aubergine purple Lotus Elise.FEATURED CAR OF THE WEEK

2004 Lotus Elise owned by Joe Russo

This is a 14 year old track car and the paint still looks new! Not to mention the unique aubergine purple color, 265 horse power, and 6-speed engine. It’s also modified with a Katana supercharger. Check out the Lotus for more details or to message Joe directly.



This is a screen grab of a twin turbo modification on a Lamborghini Murcielago.



Twin Turbo by Underground Racing, featured on the 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago owned by Tom Langley

A Twin Turbo Lambo is definitely not something you see every day! With this, Tom’s car has 1000 horsepower. Check it out for more specs.




This is a screen grab of a car bio written about a 1995 Mercedez-Benz.



‘Old Spice’ “This baby was purchased by my grandfather in 1994. Passed down to my dad in 2003 then on to me in 2012. She has had lots of work done to her and is fully documented. No engine mods. 225K miles.” – Eric Shea

We love cars with great history so this is a no-brainer for this week’s pick… plus the name is on point. Go check out ‘Old Spice’ for pics.




This is a screen grab of a driver bio written by Aaron Nash.FEATURED DRIVER BIO OF THE WEEK

“Races cars ALL the time, unless it’s time for fish tacos… Then does that for like 20 min and back to racing cars.” – Aaron Nash

We liked this bio because of Aaron’s cleverness! And we like fish tacos. Aaron has a sweet BMW in his garage. Feel free to check him out or send him a message.





This is a picture of a silver 2016 subaru impreza WRZ in a field.FEATURED PIC OF THE WEEK

2016 Subaru Impreza WRX owned by Koty Brown

Subarus have a long history of off road rally races. This is a great shot of a Subaru in its natural habitat. Check out the car for more of Koty’s great pic.



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