Off-Roaders, This One’s for You! Off-Road Cars Come to MotorCrush

This is a picture of a blue and white striped 2006 Dodge Caliber SRT4 mudding.

The love of all things fast isn’t limited to road cars, so why should MotorCrush be?

That’s why we’re totally stoked to say – in addition to the hundreds of makes and models on the app – an in-flux of off-road cars, bikes and trucks have recently joined our fast-growing social network.

Considering this is still the very early stages of MotorCrush, we’re excited that the off-roading community is already building up.

Check out the Dodge Caliber featured in August 11th featured pic of the week for one of our favorite off-roading examples.

Got an off-roader you’re dying to show off? Have a strong addiction to horsepower? Need more torque in your life? Well crack open a cold one and get started now on the MotorCrush app.