MotorCrush is best for when you want to:

  • Go to a car meet or let others know you are at a meet or show
  • Plan a new mod by looking at what others have done
  • Chat with friends
  • Share a new mod you have done with the community

Absolutely! In fact, we’d be honored! Share our posts on social media, spread the word to real life friends, or click the share MotorCrush link in the App settings menu to send a customized URL.

We encourage everyone to put their ride on MotorCrush whether it has two wheels or eighteen wheels. What makes a community like MotorCrush great is the passion of each individual for their car, bike or truck.

Flames generally denote likes for users and cars. The flame is also used to indicate the community and user activity screen in the main navigation. The flame tells you what’s hot!

Car meets outside of businesses are a great way to generate foot traffic. In addition to this, MotorCrush has a variety of business services in development that will be available soon to take automotive businesses to the next level.

The MotorCrush garage menu gives you the tools to list your car or parts for sale. Wherever you check in, other users will be able to see what you have available and make you an offer.

MotorCrush is a great addition to the current popular social media apps. Rather than reinvent the wheel, MotorCrush adds the crucial live element to car culture and provides a new experience that fills the gaps that the others do not.

MotorCrush is the app for the modern performance car enthusiast. Build out your in-app garage by adding your cars and customizations in a few simple taps. Scan for other drivers in your area LIVE to see what’s under their hood and where they did their modifications. Locate or start car meetups via GPS positioning. Or connect with drivers around the world that share your passion for car brands and mods.

A car meet is wherever performance car enthusiasts are hanging out together, whether that is in a shopping center parking lot or at a car show or festival.