MotorCrush was built by the automotive and motorsport enthusiasts at ALIVE, an entrepreneurial team that includes 5-time Daytona 24 Hour race winner and professional sports car champion, Andy Lally.
They wanted to create a community for drivers who are passionate about their rides by providing a place to share what makes them unique, all while becoming the consummate source for the modern motor enthusiast.

So how did they make it happen? The patent-pending app brings together everything you need to immerse yourself in the car, truck, and bike culture: show off your vehicles and mods, find or start live car meets, connect with other drivers to send messages or start clubs, and offer your high-performance car parts for sale. Drivers, businesses, and clubs around the world are connecting together by using MotorCrush!

What does the future hold for MC?

As the community grows, so does the app. The team is always coming up with new ideas and can’t wait to share them with their users!

And coming soon, MotorCrush will be integrating with ALIVE’s various other motorsport products and services that will allow the community will grow even larger and faster!

Have additional questions about MotorCrush? Check out our Support page!