About MotorCrush

MotorCrush is the social network for modern car enthusiasts, built by the automotive and motorsport enthusiasts at ALIVE - an entrepreneurial team that includes professional sports car champion Andy Lally.

The patent-pending app brings together everything you need to immerse yourself in the car, truck, and bike culture. Show off your vehicles and mods, find or start a live car meet, connect with other drivers to send messages or form groups, and offer your high-performance car parts for sale. Drivers around the world are sharing their passion for cars and mods using MotorCrush.

By joining the MotorCrush community, you'll get an insider view of trending mods, enhancements, restorations and tune-ups - all the car content you love, sourced from real drivers (not editors).

As the MotorCrush app evolves, it will integrate with other motorsport products and services and the community will grow even faster. Add to that the financial horsepower of ALIVE and its backers, and MotorCrush is destined to go global.

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