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2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale owned by Angelo Paletta.

According to Angelo’s car bio, this was the first 2015 Speciale to be delivered to Canada. It is also the only factory built Ferrari to come with a green, white, and red Italian flag livery. Both its center race-stripes and brake calipers sport their Italian heritage’s color scheme. As the name suggests, the 458 Speciale is a very special Ferrari. Out of the thousands of Ferrari 458 Italias produced, only a limited number were given the “Speciale” treatment: a tuned version of the Italia’s 4.5L V-8 engine, a remapped 7-speed F1 dual-clutch transmission, and various aerodynamic upgrades. These performance enhancements made the 2015 458 Speciale the highest performance Ferrari V8 to date. They are also what made us pick it for the featured car of the week. If you like this car, make sure you let Angelo know by dropping him a like or follow on MotorCrush. Don’t forget to check out the other cool exotics in his garage while you’re there!


Eagle Eye Grill on a 2009 Jeep Wrangler owned by Andrew Bealer.

Andrew is setting the bar high with the custom painted eagle eye grill on his 2009 Wrangler. This modification was done with the help of Real Steel Customs and their paint expertise. Once completed, Andrew self-installed his new custom grill to finish the mod. Make sure you drop Andrew a like if you enjoyed this mod or want to see pictures of the finished project.


“Mariah is my daily driver. Is stage 1 tuned by Mountune and is being prepared for the track. RS track suspension and RS rims. Currently has 11k miles.”

– Saleaula Key on his 2017 Ford Focus ST

For many enthusiasts, a dedicated track car and a daily driver is not in the budget. As a result, many of us start modifying our daily drivers to double as weekend track monsters. This is exactly what Saleaula is doing with his daily driven 2017 Ford Focus. The first step in building a street/track monster is to start off with a solid platform to build from. In Saleaula’s case, the Focus ST was a great choice, combining the versatility of a four-door hatch with the agility of a well-tuned sports car. Once you have picked a solid platform, it is time to start preparing your car for the track. Such preparations include, but are not limited to, engine, suspension, and brake upgrades. To prepare his ride for the track, Saleaula installed rims and suspension from the more expensive and sportier “RS” trim of the Ford Focus. He also has a stage 1 engine tune done by Monotune. It seems like Saleaula is well on his way to having a daily driver that can tackle both the street and the track. Stay up to speed with Seleaula’s build by following his profile on MotorCrush.


“Born and raised in the U.S Virgin Islands, Florida is my home now. Grew up riding motorcycles and driving. Always down for a few pulls.”

– Eddy Santiago

Thanks for sharing your story, Eddy! Like Eddy, many of us also grew up enjoying cars and motorcycles. It is probably why a lot of us are into the hobby today. If you live in Florida, make sure you shoot Eddy a message on MotorCrush! He is always down for a few pulls.


2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG owned by Derek Guyton.

This is an awesome shot of your C63, Derek! We love the contrast of your blacked-out Benz against the vibrant mural behind it. It really pops! If you enjoy this photo, visit Derek’s MotorCrush profile to see the rest of his gallery. He has some really great shots.


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