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2001 Audi MK1 TT owned by Delian Guyer.

Not many things become more attractive with age, but the Audi TT has discovered the secret how. Produced from 1999 to 2006, even the newest MK1 TTs are over 12 years old. An age by which most vehicles designs become outdated and far less appealing when compared to the newest models. And yet, Audi was able to capture lightning in a bottle and craft an immortal design with the MK1. Much of the car’s design was influenced by the Bauhaus German Art School, whose minimalistic teaching style would inspire its timeless form that also reflects its function. The TT encompasses such characteristics in its clean design and equally attractive driving dynamics. Overall the MK1 TT is an impressive sports car that is here to stay for generations to come. Make sure to drop Delian a like for sharing his sweet ride!


Strip and wing on a 2013 Dodge Dart owned by Marcus Borden. 

We love mods that don’t break the bank, which is why we chose to feature Marcus’s exterior customizations on his 2013 Dodge Dart. He applied hot pink strips of vinyl down the center line of the car, over the wing and diagonally across both front fenders. The pink color was chosen in support of breast cancer awareness. To complete the look he installed a rear wing sourced from a Pontiac Grand Am. Though inexpensive, these exterior mods make the car look sportier, and, most importantly, help catch more eyes. You can see photos of these customizations by visiting Marcus’s MotorCrush gallery. While you’re there, make sure to drop him a like and follow!


“1985 Yamaha Virago 700cc, not a car but still has a motor.”

– Earnest Berg on his 1985 Yamaha Virago.

Like many MotorCrush users, Earnest’s passion for motorsports doesn’t stop at cars; he is also into motorcycles. The great thing about the MotorCrush app is that it is for all types of motorsport enthusiasts. Whether you drive a three-wheeled trike or a monster truck, MotorCrush is there to connect you with a community of like-minded motorheads from across the nation. Check out Earnest’s Virago and give him a like.


“Looking for other Genny coupe owners.”

– Ricky Holmes

You have come to the right place, Ricky! But why wait for other owners to come to you? Get active now and start connecting with fellow Genesis owners right away! Just search for your preferred make or model vehicle in the LIVE feed to see a list of all of the Genesis cars on MotorCrush. Then you can click on any car to connect with the owner’s profile and see the rest of their garage.


The Elite Velocity Drift Club.

Meet the Elite Velocity Drift Club. They are an emerging FORZA 3 drift club that has partnered with the MotorCrush App for a sponsorship. The club’s members all have an immense passion for Motorsports. Currently, the Elite Velocity is working its way up the FDL (Forza Drift League) brackets toward the Drift League championship. All of the team’s competitions are streamed lived via twitch at the following link: Make sure to tune in and support these aspiring drifters. Also, check out their club page to meet some of the drivers!


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