MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT

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A photo of a 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 6.5I HEMI owned by Jamo S. The shot is a front angle shot of the black and grey striped car.


2016 Dodge Challenger SRT 392 6.5I HEMI owned by Jamo S. Now this is what you call a muscle car! I’m sure that any American muscle car lover would say the same. Jamo has only had this car since June, but that hasn’t stopped him from completing a bunch of aesthetic and performance mods already. Jamo’s Challenger has 510 horsepower and a 6.4L hemi engine. With that much power, this car is one serious piece of machinery. You can see a full list of mods and more pictures of this beast on Jamo’s MotorCrush profile.

This is a screen grab of Bella duckbill carbon fiber trunk on 2007 Infiniti G35.


Bella duckbill carbon fiber trunk on 2007 Infiniti G35 owned by Jules Wilson Mod of the week goes to Jules Wilson and the aftermarket Bella duckbill carbon fiber trunk she installed on her 2007 Infiniti g35 sedan. This trunk was made by Successful Automotive, and is crafted of hand-laid carbon fiber weave. If you want to see the rest of the mods on Jules’ G35, head over to her profile on MotorCrush.

This is a picture of a red a prototype car that was never produced explained in the car bio that follows.


“This car is truly one of a kind. It’s a prototype car that was never produced. A couple found it in a barn, researched it, and brought it back to life.”

– Angelwow6970 about her Westland Prototype Congratulations on your one-of-a-kind vehicle! It is always interesting to see vintage prototypes, especially ones that have been brought back to their original condition. Thank you for sharing your ride with us, Angelwow6970.

This is a screen grab of a driver bio written by Wesley Dunfee about his interaction with cars.


“Love cars and the wild mods that come along with that passion. Hoping to make some like-minded friends here.”

– Wesley Dunfee We are right there with you, Wesley! There are so many amazing car builds on MotorCrush with some seriously wild modifications. If you are into cars, there is no better place to meet fellow enthusiasts than MotorCrush. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Wesley!

This is a shot of a 2014 Nissan 370Z owned by Kevin LeBlanc with a stunning farm in the background.


2014 Nissan 370Z owned by Kevin LeBlanc This 370Z looks like a lot of fun to drive, and this NISMO body kit is a crowd stopper. Learn more about Charles’ gorgeous Nissan and see even more awesome pictures on his MotorCrush profile. To find it, just enter his car model or his name in the search bar at the top of the MotorCrush live feed.

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