Your Weekly Boost 🏎️💨: 1988 Ponitac Fiero

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1988 Ponitac Fiero Formula 3800 IC/SC

owned by Casey Terwilliger


DRIVER BIO: “Work as a nurse. ADRENALINE junky. Love modifying cars. Enjoy cars of all makes and model. I’m a true car enthusiast. Can I just test drive cars for a living? Screw the day job and saving lives :-P”

VEHICLE BIO: “Swapped 11 years ago with a 3800 series 2 supercharged, Dynoed at 330hp & 430tq. Undergoing auto transmission, XPZ cam and aluminum heads. Still debating turbo or TVS 2300 supercharger and new paint. Do I like the supercharger? Yes, but I got turbo hungry after owning my SS turbo cobalt. The car is 2700 lbs. as is, so it will be potent.”

ENGINE TYPE: 3800 series 2



We spotted this sleek 1988 Pontiac Fiero rising towards the top spot in the trending feed this week and we had to give it a shout out. The Fiero was America’s first mass-produced, mid-engine sports car. But despite decent sales, it became one the biggest automotive flops in history. The main reasons were attributed to a high cost of repair, engine fires, and an underpowered engine. GM may have killed the Fiero off before it could achieve automotive greatness, but thanks to aftermarket modifications like the engine swap done to Casey’s car, the Fiero can be reimagined into the mid-engine driver’s car it so desperately strove to be. Make sure to thank Casey for sharing his ride by dropping him a like via the “View In-App” link above. Also, give Casey a follow for future build updates and check-in notifications.

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StanceWars SoCal

285 West Huntington Drive Arcadia, CA

DATE AND TIME: Saturday 5-8pm


EVENT DESCRIPTION: “StanceWars SoCal is our very first appearance into California. For this event we’re changing the game, #Top100 will be INVITE ONLY, General admission will be FREE to the public . Previously entered #Top100 from around the United States will be invited to register to make the bulk of the event. Quality comes first and this will be our most scrutinized event in our history. Once #Top100 is completed, we will allow our previous #Top100 to invite ONE VEHICLE to be considered for the following year. These Elite nominations will be allow to park inside if they choose. Spectator FREE tickets will be opened July 1st and closed one day prior to the event Sept 22nd.”

EVENT BACKGROUND: “Stancewars is the largest growing fitment event that started in the Seattle area. Now we are slowing moving across America as we perfect events. We invite wheel fitment nut jobs to showcase their amazing setups in a VIP style event.”




2015 Lamborghini Huracan
2017 Tesla Model S P90D w/ Ludicrous
2016 Mercedes GL450 AMG
2017 Jeep Rubicon

owned by Lenny Behie

DRIVER BIO: “Realtor and investor in Phoenix, AZ. I have always loved cars as it runs in my family. My dad and uncle both have a bunch of cars as well. I really enjoy having a different car for each adventure so I normally have on and off-road vehicles as well as daily drivers. My sons also enjoy cars and also love getting them out on the track occasionally”

VEHICLE BIO: “This jeep has its own Instagram page @jeep_vador This thing is fully built to handle any trail or road condition from rock slider drop down steps to multiple light bars, trussed axles, upgraded gears, winch, bumpers and so much more.”


This is quite the diverse collection of cars that includes everything from electric to exotic. Whether you are looking to go for an off-road adventure in the mountains or a high-speed canyon run; Lenny has the right vehicle for the job. You can check out more of Lenny’s garage via the “View In-App” link above. While you’re there, make sure you drop Lenny a follow and his cars a like!



Brad Villano
Vehicle: 2017 Toyota 86


A Toyota 86 pears into frame as the hot summer sun basks off of its deep blue paint and reflects the mural across its contours. This awesome photo is courtesy of MotorCrush user, Brad Villano. Make sure to drop him a like for sharing this shot!


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