Your Weekly Boost 🏎️💨: 2015 Hyundai i30 Turbo-GDI

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2015 Hyundai i30 Turbo-GDI
owned by Faceplace3


DRIVER BIO: “Hyundai Turbo GDI owner, lives in the UK getting one mod at a time,

Official MotorCrush Ambassador

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No one’s life is easy or perfect but having a beast to drive every day makes it slightly easier to be perfect 🚗”

CLUBS: Hyundai United Kingdom, Milton Keynes Car Owners, and MotorCrush Brand Ambassadors

COLOR: Gun Metal Grey



0-60: 7.5 sec

UPGRADES: Footwell lights, back box delete, and a Samurai front splitter


Meet Faceplace3, he is another one of our top ambassadors from the United Kingdom and was nice enough to share his car story with us: “I’ve always been interested in cars, ever since a young age. My true car story started with my 1997 Ford Escort GTi MK3. It fully spiked my interest in modifying cars and gave me the enjoyment and freedom of driving. As a car enthusiast I came to learn that no matter where you go, you’ll always end up with a couple of car guys, talking about the car, the roads and the future with a few good laughs thrown in between —this sold me fully to the car culture scene. Following the MK3 came my VW Polo and then the car I have now. I love cars that are unique and rare and that I haven’t seen on the road before. I was upgrading from my VW Polo, spending hours looking around and searching for what car to buy, when I came across the i30 turbo. With less than 300 brought and registered in the U.K, it was the perfect car to buy and modify. I was ready to take on the new challenge of a KDM car, which I’ve never had the chance to build on. My next mods for my car is a stage 1 re-map and a carbon fiber wrap on the interior dashboard. The plan is to finish the last bits off for show season. With the help of MotorCrush, the plan for the future is to promote the KDM car culture in the U.K and to create a more organized car community across the U.K.”

Faceplace3’s has a very clean build going so far and we are excited to see him dive deeper into the KDM scene. As big advocates of connecting the car community, he has our full support with his efforts in using MotorCrush to further promote the culture we love. Make sure you welcome Faceplace3 to the crew with a like and follow via the button below.

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2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4
owned by Srt4wagon

DRIVER BIO: “MotorCrush Brand Ambassador 🚗💨”

VEHICLE BIO: “Came across this car by luck and traded my 2013 Dodge Dart 1.4T straight for it. This is one of my dream cars and I love it more every day”

CLUBS: MotorCrush – Illinois, Srt-4 Junkies, and MotorCrush Brand Ambassadors

COLOR: Black



TORQUE: 390 lb-ft


0-60 MPH: 4.8 sec

UPGRADES: AGP wastegate, 750cc injectors, Real Tune RTS2B turbo, and a K&N cold air intake.


Meet MotorCrush Ambassador, Srt4wagon and his Dodge Caliber Srt4. The pair can be found cruising the streets of Illinois while lighting up the night with some righteous flames and backfires. Let’s hear a bit about how Srt4wagon got into the car scene: “What got me into cars is when I started go-karting when I was really young, which eventually grew into rally racing. Next, I wanted to build a drag car that nobody would expect to be fast. What got me into srt4’s was the capability to make something so small go very fast; when you build it right of course. My first car was a 2000 Camaro SS. After I sold the Camaro I was looking to get something more into the tuner world so I ended up buying an Evo, which I only owned for a few months before selling. Don’t get me wrong, the 4g63T is an amazing engine but crank lock was the killer. By the end of my current build, I’d like the caliber to be around 800whp. I’m currently at 410whp running e85 with a big turbo kit. I love old classic muscle cars, but I will always have a sweet spot for my 4 cylinder tuners. I’m hoping that MC can bring the car community together. I’m tired of there being clicks between muscle, tuner, and style. Everyone should respect each other’s builds no matter how slow, fast or ‘ricey’ a car is. You shouldn’t be a part of the car community if all you’re going to do is talk trash about someone else’s car. Looking forward to MC as a company because I can feel that there are big things to come.”

We are excited to follow Srt4wagon on his road to 800whp. His next trip to the dyno will be on April, 15th to up the boost a bit more on the current set up. We are in full support of his goals to unite the community through MotorCrush, as we respect every build and appreciate the passion put into them. Welcome Srt4wagon to the ambassador crew via the button below.


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