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1970 Pontiac LeMans

owned by Herb Houston

BUILD STATUS: Never ending

VEHICLE BIO: “I have owned this Pontiac for 23 years; bought it from a widow when I was 18. I’ve blown up the engine, transmission, and the rear end (twice)! It is powered by a traditional Pontiac V8 engine, I’ve upgraded it with a 200-4R overdrive trans (currently being rebuilt, billet and full manual), and a quicktime fabricated Ford 9″ with a Roush/Yates 3rd member and a Detroit locker. Full 3″ exhaust with x-pipe and cut out. Performance that’s BUILT not bought. THANKS FOR CHECKING IT OUT!”

We spotted this 1970 Pontiac LeMans on the MotorCrush trending page and had to give this classic beauty a shout out. The car may look like an original at first glance, but Herb has some ponies stashed under the hood. It has a traditional 400 cubic inch 6.6L V-8 with some aftermarket upgrades and is matted to a 200-4R overdrive transmission. In Herb’s words, this car’s performance was “BUILT not bought.” Let’s get Herb to the #1 trending spot and drop him a like.


Elite Tuner Philly: August 12, 10am – 5pm

Simeone Museum 6825 Norwitch Dr Philadelphia, PA

Elite Tuner is an automotive media group and event promotion company with routes stemming from the NJ and PA area, and now they host events across the nation. Their shows feature some of the best builds in the car world and also allow attendees to register their cars to attend the show. The next Elite Tuner event is taking place this Sunday in their home town of Philadelphia at the Simone Foundation Automotive Museum.


SLP Loudmouth Axle-Back Exhaust on a 2010 Ford Mustang GT

owned by Matthew Gillette

FULL UPGRADES: 93 octane race tune, Pypes off-road x-pipe, Airaid cold air intake, a SLP Loudmouth axle-back exhaust.

There is nothing quite like the tune of the cold start of a Mustang GT’s 4.6 V8, especially when paired with a nice throaty exhaust such as the SLP axle-back installed on the car above. We are sure that Matthew can agree, but we are not so sure about his neighbors. He must serve as the neighborhood alarm clock, especially on cold winter days. All jokes aside, this is a beautiful car that probably sounds just as good as it looks. Make sure you thank Matthew for sharing his ride by dropping him a like.


2002 Subaru WRX Wagon

owned by Danny Lee

VEHICLE BIO: I have now owned Lexi for 4 years, and it is quite the story up to this point. I’ll spare you the details on how buying the car went down, but let’s say I was completely ignorant and couldn’t see the countless red flags waving in my face. One of which was the fact it needed a new clutch, and the owner was installing it themselves. But the only thing that caught my attention was the sound of the Boxer revving and I needed to have it. 
Eventually the car was driven to me and I paid cash. Not even 15 minutes latersecond gear blew and needed a new transmission, clutch, and flywheel. The guy grinded the clutch down and installed it backwards. So here I am out of money now needing over 3 grand to have all this work done. It sits for 5 months as I’m scraping that money together, and I get it back on the road… kinda. 
So I’m driving it now, but now I’m finding out a wheel is bent, and its respective suspension setup is different than the other 3 wheels. Naturally that means it’s time for me to be irresponsible and blow tons of money I don’t have on wheels and suspension. 4 grand later and I have ST XTA coilovers and new wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Great tires, but lasted 11,000 miles… 
So fast forward a little bit. An $1,100 state inspection was also done, but after that I was in good shape for quite some time… Then the accident happened. Someone looking to their right starts turning left and pulls right out in front of me, destroying the whole front end. Insurance screws me over bad, so she ends up sitting for over a year. 
A side note but important piece to the story is how involved I become in our local car scene. I’ve made lots of good friends over those couple years, which also turn into connections. I can say without a doubt my car would not be on the road again if it wasn’t for some amazing people, whether it was friends letting me borrow their cars for cheap or nothing, or helping me put an entire JDM front end on it (hence the different color front end.) It was also during this time I went ahead and did the fender flares and wheels. 
So fast forward to present time, and she still needs a lot of love. So many other little things here and there have been done, and now I’m in the middle of having the transmission being rebuilt. It will eventually get the STI 6 speed when the time and money is right, but that’s later down the road. Lots of future plans are in order of course, but for now I’m just enjoying where she is now. It’s definitely been quite a ride. Thanks for taking the time to read my story. 
UPGRADES: ST XTA coilovers, Blow off valve, JDM STI front end, Mishimoto inlet hose, Bolt-on fender flares, JDM STI mesh fog covers, JDM HID headlights, VF-34 turbo, STI top mount intercooler, JDM chameleon foglights, and a Conn short throw shifter. 
Thanks for sharing your story, Danny! The car community is full of so many amazing people, we are happy that you found your way into your local scene. As always, make sure you drop Danny a like and follow to stay up to date with his build and where he is checking in!


2011 Ford Mustang GT

owned by RJ Barton

 A rouge Mustang stands aggressively with the sun’s golden hue peering out from behind as it sets below the distant horizon. Great shot of your Mustang, RJ! If you loved this shot as much as we did, make sure you drop RJ a like and follow.


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