MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 1967 Plymouth Barracuda

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1967 Plymouth Barracuda owned by Bill Lewis.

Bill’s collection of old and new-age Mopars would make almost any Chrysler enthusiast jealous. After a lot of back and forth we decided to feature his 1967 Plymouth Barracuda. Won over by the deep purple paint job and monster shaker ripping through the hood. This car is a perfect example of American muscle, thanks for sharing it with us Bill. If you want to see the rest of Bills collection check-out his profile on MotorCrush.








16g Evo III Turbo on the 1997 DSM Mitsubishi, owned by Phoenix B.

His current setup is running with a 49/55 tune for 20+ psi of boost. Phoenix must know his way around the engine bay because this upgraded turbo was self-installed. Shoot him a message to see his other plans with his jdm drift missile.






“The Fit is my daily driver and it is adorned with itasha livery inspired by Japanese otaku. Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z is the character on the car. The design itself was inspired by the J’s Racing GK5 Fit.” – Mike Chan about his 2015 Honda Fit

Modifying a car is making it your own, being different and turning it into an extension of your personality and creativity. Many of those not into cars don’t know why car people modify their vehicles. But for Enthusiasts like Mike Chan it is crystal clear. See more of Mike’s ride on the MotorCrush app.








“Proud Dad to twin boys! Trucking Company Executive, Former Regional and National Officer Viper Club of America. Car Guy Since Birth.” – Bobby Cerchione

He drives sports cars to big rigs, I bet Bobby can drive just about anything. Shoot this seasoned enthusiast a message on MotorCrush, you could probably learn a thing or two.






2013 Hyundai Veloster owned by Alex Betancourt.

It looks like we have some professional photographers on MotorCrush, amazing photo Alex! His mod list is even more impressive than this shot. Go give his profile a like and follow on the App.

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