MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 2001 Lola MG Hypercar

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A photo of a 2001 Lola MG LMP 675 racecar driven by Tucker Merten. The shot is a front angle of the blue car on the racetrack.




2001 Lola MG LMP 675, driven by Tucker Merten

KnightHawk Racing & Archangel Motorsport Services joined forces to debut this new Lola Mg in the 2002 “12 hours of Sebring.” The racecar was driven by big names such as Jonny Kane, Steve Knight, Mel Hawkins, and even MotorCrush’s Andy Lally. Thank you for sharing this relic of racing history.


This is a screen grab of an APR stage 2 tuned 2007 Volkswagen GTI owned by Dante Pisciuneri









APR stage 2 tuned 2007 Volkswagen GTI owned by Dante Pisciuneri

Tuning is a great way to get extra power out of your car. It helps ensure the most hp/torque increases from any bolt-on mods you’ve installed. Dante’s tune allows him to run on 93 octane and doubles his boost pressure from 10 psi (stock) to 20 psi. Want to see the rest of Dante’s build? Check it out on his MotorCrush profile. Just search for his name at the top of the live feed.

This is a picture of the black 2016 homemade ratrod explained in the car bio that follows.


“My son and I built it last summer for the ‘Ratrod Magazine Build Off’. We drove it to Grafton Illinois and then to St. Louis to the Shapiro Steelfest.”

– Richard Dant about his 2016 Homemade Ratrod

Now that is some quality father/son bonding right there! Hope you guys had a great time on your cruise. We’re sure this is an experience your son remembers the rest of his life. Hopefully, this hotrod will be tearing up the street for generations to come.

This is a screen grab of a driver bio written by Bed Wedge about his interaction with cars.








“My name is Ben. I enjoy car stuff. My Saturn is my daily and the Saab is my fun car. I’m a big road racing fan and I do nerdy data analysis for”

– Ben Wedge

He also has a racecar that he forgot to mention in his bio. It’s pretty sweet! You can check out Ben’s garage on MotorCrush. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Ben!

This is a sunset picture of a 2017 for mustang owned by Mark Gutierrez.






2017 Ford Mustang owned by Mark Gutierrez

Amazing scenery for a drive. Great shots Mark! Thanks for sharing them with us. You can see more awesome pics of Mark’s Mustang on his MotorCrush profile.

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