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2002 BMW M3 owned by Chris Puder.

There are many versions of the iconic BMW M3; the first of the lineage was the e30 M3. It was built for racing in the WTCC, and in order to race—or gain “homologation” as they call it—you have to sell 5,000 units of a production version of the racecar.

Then there was the 6-cylinder e36 M3. Next, the more refined e46 M3, pictured here. After the e46 came a beast, the v8 powered e92 M3 and, in recent years, the twin-turbo 6 cylinder F80 M3. All of these M3s are amazing driver’s cars, but the e46 M3 is one of our favorites. We love everything about this car: from the raspy exhaust sound coming from the 333 horsepower S54 engine bulging out of the hood to the wide hips and smooth lines that contour the body. Oh, and don’t forget the driving experience—it’s a connection with the road that will give you a new kind of confidence. By now you may be convinced to pick up an e46 M3 of your own. We would say go for it, but remember to do your research first, especially on the notorious to-fail-Vanos system. You should probably hurry though, there are fewer and fewer untouched examples every year, and the prices are starting to rise as they become more of a collector’s car. Make sure you drop Chris a like to congratulate him on taking home Car of the Week.


Magnaflow High-flow catalytic converters on a 2008 Nissan 350Z owned by Michael Lazette.

One of the most restrictive areas of an exhaust system lies in the catalytic converters, which are found with-in the down-pipe. A great way to unlock extra horsepower is to upgrade your factory catalytic converters to less restrictive, high-flow catted down pipes as Michael did. You could even remove your cats altogether and go with a cat-less downpipe. Your selection will ultimately vary based on your budget, current mods, and state emission laws. Overall, high-flow cats were great performance upgrade for Michael’s 350Z. If you’re looking to upgrade your Fairlady’s exhaust system, try sending Michael a message on MotorCrush to see how he likes the sound of his. As always, don’t forget to drop him a like.


“3 weeks old and waiting on parts to arrive. Coming soon VWR inlet piper and VWR lowering springs.”

– Xavier Riviera on his 2018 Volkswagen MK 7.5 GTI.

Congratulations on your recent purchase, Xavier! Those are some solid first mods and we’re looking forward to watching the progression of the build. Make sure you give Xavier’s profile a follow to receive notifications when he adds a new mod, checks-in, and to see who he is interacting with in the MotorCrush community. Oh, and don’t forget to give his GTI a like while you’re there!


“My name is Jordan, 31, I live near Pittsburg Pennsylvania. I’ve always had a passion for cars and anything fast and loud! I’ve owned a Mercury Topaz as my first car, then a 94 Camaro RS, 03 Neon, 98 Firebird, 79 Berlinetta Camaro, 05 Trailblazer, 06 Mailibu, 13 Dart, 14 Dart, 95 F150, and now a 2016 Challenger (Equinsu Ocha). I started back in 2011 customizing cars for friends and myself. It’s always been an art of mine and I find it to be fun and relaxing.”

– Jordan Carter.

Thank you for sharing your driver bio with us, Jordan! He has owned quite an interesting array of homegrown American vehicles. His most recent purchase is a white 2016 Dodge Challenger, a blank slate he has begun to apply his artistic touch too. For a car guy, the work is never finished; Jordan is on his way to creating a Rembrandt. Okay, that might be a bit much. But this build is really clean and the car looks way better than stock, so we’ll let you be the judge of that. If you want to check out Jordan’s ride, you can visit his profile by clicking the link above. Make sure to give him a like and follow!


2001 Porsche 911 Turbo owned by Cory Anderson.

A stunning Porsche 996 911 Turbo shimmers under a single spotlight in a desolate parking garage. We have to say, this Porsche was a close contender for the Car of the Week. Although most Porsha enthusiasts despise the 996 generation, it holds a special place in our hearts. It was the first of the water-cooled Porsches and It brought substantial upgrades to the 911 line-up, which makes up for the lackluster interior and fried egg-style headlights. Hell, this is a road legal racecar, you don’t need a heavy “modern” interior weighing you down. Not only does this car perform, it’s easy on the eyes—just look at those hips! In our opinion, it could be one of the best looking 911s ever made. Make sure you thank Cory for sharing his ride and drop him a like on MotorCrush.


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