MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

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1960 Chevrolet Corvette owned by Darren Heavner.

This bright yellow Corvette first caught our eye last weekend while we were looking for meets on the MotorCrush Live Feed. It was checked in at the Castle Hills Classic Car and Truck show in Lewisville, Texas. It looked amazing, so we clicked the trophy icon to vote on the car. We had to see more, so without hesitation, we tapped on the car’s image to view its details. On this page, we were able to see the mileage, transmission, engine type, and more. We then clicked to see the car’s photos and instantly fell in love; it is an absolute show stopper. Since Darren received the most trophies on the meet leaderboard, it only made sense that we crown his Corvette as our car of the week. Make sure you shoot Darren a message to congratulate him on this tremendous achievement and follow him to see where he checks-in next.


Chassis mounted spoiler on a 2003 Infiniti G35 coupe owned by Joshua Anderson.

Now, this is what we call a spoiler! Most enthusiasts would cringe at even the thought of cutting into their bumper, but not Joshua. He upgraded his daily driver to “full racecar” with huge chassis mounted rear wing. You usually see spoilers mounted to the trunk, but this type of spoiler cuts through the bumper and is mounted to the rear crash bar. Mounting to the chassis rather than the trunk prevents the wing from losing angle of attack in the event your trunk lid exhibits any type of travel or distortion from high stress. A more solid mount ensures that you will have full downforce when you need it the most. Make sure to drop Joshua a like and follow for sharing his mod. May the downforce be with you.


“Bought it for $350 from a local auto shop that is owned by another club member. Has Tein coilovers and 18×9.5 Chikara wheels. Everything else is stock.”

– Alex Sanchez on his 1992 Lexus Sc300.

$350 for a stock Sc300 is a pretty awesome deal. Great score Alex! Stock Sc300s are exceptionally hard to come by, despite the Sc300’s popularity in the early 90s. This is because they share the same 2JZ platform as the Toyota Supra, making them highly sought after by tuners and enthusiasts. Be sure to give Alex a follow so you can stay up to date on his car build.


“I love how much the car community is growing and MotorCrush is backing it up pretty strong. I can’t wait to see how crazy the car scene is going to be this summer”

– Derek Bell.

We do too, Derek, thanks for the shout out! MotorCrush is not only a tool for connecting enthusiasts to the car scene, it’s the consummate source for all things automotive. A place where anyone interested in cars, bikes, or trucks can get involved in the community and meet people who share the same passion. Through this, we hope to serve as a force that grows the enthusiast community as a whole and more importantly, revs-up your summer! So, make sure you watch the Live Feed every weekend for current meets and events popping up around you. Also, check out the Map for future events and more!


2016 Ford Mustang GT owned by Christopher Toher.

“Suh dude!?” We could come up with captions for this picture all day. But what this shot really encapsulates for us is that feeling you get when you go on a drive after detailing your car. There is nothing that puts a grin on our faces faster than cruising around with a showroom shine. This awesome shot is courtesy of Christopher Toher. His Mustang’s gallery is full of even more amazing shots, we highly recommend checking him out. As always, don’t forget to drop a like and follow while you’re there!


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