MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 2012 Dodge Charger

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2012 Dodge Charger owned by Robert Selby

Car of the week goes out to this zombie apocalypse-themed Dodge charger built by Robert Selby. He started on this project about a year ago with the hopes of making it look as wild as possible, but still function as his daily driver. Under the hood is a built V6 that puts down 425 horsepower to the rear wheels. Oh, and let’s not forget to mention the fully functional .50 caliber Gatling guns that fire blank rounds. If that still isn’t enough firepower to get you through the apocalypse, don’t fret: the trunk arsenal is completed with a real AT4 Anti-tank missile launcher. You may be wondering what Robert’s doing with the car until the apocalypse comes. He and his family enjoy taking it to car shows, comic cons, gaming cons, and more as the theme crosses over so many genres. He also told us that his daughter gets a kick out of being driven to school in it and his other themed vehicles. What a cool dad. This Dodge charger was not Robert’s first theme car build and it will certainly not be the last. So make sure you drop him a like and follow so you can get notifications when he starts his next one!


Whipple supercharger on a 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 owned by Leanne Godwin

Whipple superchargers pioneered the twin-screw supercharger system and continue to be industry leaders to today. We are not sure how much horsepower Leanne gained from this mod, but we can guarantee that it is a lot! If you’re interested in learning more about Leanne’s build, head on over to her MotorCrush profile. Don’t forget to drop her a like and follow!


“I’ve had this 328is for 6 years, swapped an s54 motor from a 2002 M3 4 years ago. Since then I have done rod bearings, full vanos rebuild and update. I converted an SMG 6 speed to conventional manual 6 speed and run a 3.38 LSD differential. I fabricated a carbon fiber CSL style air box and run modified Ebay headers. Engine management is alpha-n on stock DME. The car rides on M3 fitment Bilstein PSS9 coilovers and has poly and monoball bushings throughout the suspension. Adjustable camber arms and offset front bushings. A z3 steering rack was also used.”

– Mike Spy on his 1997 BMW 328is.

Wow, this is quite a build you have put together, Mike! An s54 swapped e36 is on every BMW enthusiasts’ bucket list. I mean, who wouldn’t want a street legal go cart? This is an absolutely gorgeous car that, with Mike’s upgrades, will surely see another 6 years on the road. You can check out more of this BMW and the rest of Mike’s garage on his MotorCrush profile. As always, make sure you drop him a like and a follow for updates on his build.


“15 years old, I flip cars for money, my cars include a BMW M8, Golf GTI, Ferrari F430 and a 1967 Cadillac. Cars, cars and cars, cars are my life.”

– Titus Ragalie.

Thank you for sharing your bio with us, Titus. You have quite an impressive collection of cars for somebody who still doesn’t have a license! Especially that M8—it’s a work of art. Next time you selling a car, try listing it for sale on MotorCrush, then display it to tens of thousands of enthusiasts and potential buyers by checking it in on the Live Feed


2017 Camaro SS sponsored by SLP and owned by JoJo Zzang.

A moment frozen in time. Autumn leaves wafting through the air as this Camaro elegantly launches from a dead stop. This shot looks almost surreal, reminiscent of the loading screens in the Need for Speed video games. Check out the rest of JoJo’s awesome gallery on his MotorCrush profile. Don’t forget to drop him a like!


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