MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 2013 Subaru WRX

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2013 Subaru WRX owned by Pete Raps

According to Pete, his goal for this car is to build a solid platform for high horsepower. And by the looks of his customization list, he is well on his way to reaching that goal with his investment so far. Current customizations include an STI brake kit and drivetrain, Konig wheels, Feal coil over suspension and a Defi boost gauge. The work performed on the car has been a combination of efforts from Pete and his performance shop, Turnin Concepts. If you want to follow Pete’s build or just check out more pics of his car, you can do so on his MotorCrush profile.


Armytrix exhaust system on a 2009 Nissan 370Z owned by Joseph Starkey

This exhaust system includes high-flow catalytic converters and cat back exhaust manufactured by Armytrix. They produce handcrafted valvetronic exhaust systems that allow the user to control how loud their exhaust sounds with the press of a button. This system replaces the restrictive stock exhaust resulting in increased exhaust flow and improved performance. Even though Joseph installed the system himself, this upgrade set him back a pretty penny. See more of Joseph’s 370z build by visiting his MotorCrush profile or find him checked-in on the LIVE feed.


“Goes by a lot of names: tank, beast, master chief, but has never let us down.”

– Jason Allen on his 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Thanks for sharing your vehicle’s story, Jason! Nothing is better than a vehicle that you can rely on. Those are some great names for it too. Might we also consider “old faithful”? Seems to fit quite well. If you have any additional name suggestions for Jason shoot him a message on MotorCrush.


“Leader of the Desert Raptor Division of the Jurassic Park Motor Pool covering all of Arizona. Owner of #JPExp04, a replica tour vehicle from the original movie.”

–Harry Goldman

If you enjoyed watching the trailer for the newest Jurassic Park film, you’ll love to see the vehicles in Harry’s club. The club attracts owners and enthusiasts of Jurassic Park themed vehicles who enjoy the support of a fan-driven community. If you drive a Jurassic Park tribute vehicle, replica or big screen original this club could be for you. Anyone interested in becoming a member of the Desert Raptors can search for them in the MotorCrush clubs tab and request an invitation to join


2009 BMW 135i owned by Jay Borbajo

Check-out this shot of Jay Borbajo’s slammed 135i in the desert. The car resembles a predator with a menacing stance, only turning more aggressive as it prowls the pavement for its prey. This look is accomplished thanks to various aero upgrades and flawless wheel fitment. If you enjoyed this photo, head over to Jay’s profile and see the rest of the photoshoot.


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