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1985 Porsche 928 S owned by Trevor Esmel.

The Porsche 928 was very different from its predecessors because it was the first Porsche designed with a front-mounted V8 engine. Although it was not the first front mounted Porsche to market, a title held by the 924, it was the first to be conceptualized. Porsche broke almost every rule in its book with the 928, skewing away from the rear mounted air-cooled flat-6 engines that defined their brand to date. Such radical design changes were a response to the decreasing sales of the 911 body style and the fear that the car was nearing the end of its life. The 928 was supposed to refresh the brand with a new flagship model, one that continued to grow upon Porsche’s exceptional performance standards. This statement becomes even more true with the release of the 1985 928 S in North America. That year featured an upgraded 5.0L V8 engine with an output of 288 HP-impressive numbers for a car built the 80s. Despite its remarkable numbers and attractive lines, however, the 928 was never able to fill the shoes of the 911 that it was so destined to replace. Make sure you thank Trevor for sharing his ride with us, and drop him a like or follow!


Acuity shifter cable bushings on a 2017 Honda Civic Si owned by Stevey Swidz.

Shifter cable bushings link the sifter cable to the gear change linkage on the transmission. A common complaint in 10th generation Honda Civics is that these bushings begin too soft in stock form, resulting in slushy gear engagement and excessive shifter play. By installing upgraded Acuity shifter cable bushings, Stevey was able to improve the feel of his gear engagement. More specifically, these improvements lie in smoother, crisper gear shifts and reduce shifter play. Overall, this is a great mod if you are looking to upgrade the experience of your manual transmission car. Make sure you give Stevey a like for sharing his mod!


“Meet Mr.White! It came when I needed him most.”

– JGonzales Jr III on his 2015 Hyundai Veloster.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, JGonzales! From a means of transportation to a source of adrenaline and excitement, a vehicle can play an important role in one’s life. For some, this goes a step further to fill roles such as an outlet for creativity, a piece of pride, and a place for meditation and reflection. No matter what your vehicle means to you, MotorCrush will be there to help you share its story. Make sure to give JGonzales and Mr.White a like for sharing their story!


“Very hands-on. Won’t pass up a good car-related project.”

– Christopher Johnson

We could not agree more, Christopher. If it has anything to do with cars, we are always game! Make sure to pay Christopher’s MotorCrush profile a visit to see what car project he is working on today!


2008 Cobalt SS owned by Casey Terwilliger.

A Cobalt SS at rest on a grass-lined country road as the golden hue from a setting sun casts across its body panels. It sits still and quiet, resting from the spirited drive only moments before, with only the sound of a pinging radiator casting through the cool summer air. If you enjoyed this photo, make sure you shoot Casey a like on MotorCrush.


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