Your Weekly Boost ๐ŸŽ๏ธ๐Ÿ’จ: 2005 Mazda RX-8

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2005 Mazda RX-8
owned by Rachel Goodwinย 


We’re thinking pink this week! This midnight black RX-8 is super clean with tasteful modifications made throughout. A black and pink accent color scheme continues from the exterior trim and wheels into the cabin where you will find quilted leather seats with pink stitching as well as pink carbon fiber interior trim. This is a great-looking car that we would be happy to have in our garage. Make sure you show Rachel some love and drop her a like and follow via the link above.

Note: Link only works for Android users. IOS users can search for Rachel’s profile via the Live Feed search bar.


Takeover 3 – The Final Showdown (Hosted by Tunerz4LifeCrew)
Clipper Magazine Stadium
650 N Prince St, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603


BACKGROUND: “Tunerz4LifeCrew was Established in January of 2004 and was created for the sole purpose to network as brand advocates through fellowship in any and all local/international gatherings. I Luis R. Quinones Jr Owner, Founder & CEO was born and raised in the small City of Lancaster Pa.

With growing up around cars as a kid and nothing much else to do here in the City, we would hang out with the older crowd and watch them showcase or race their cars. I’ve been hooked since day 1. It is one culture that caught me by storm, and for most will never die.

At the beginning, I figured we could gather a group of enthusiasts that would love to travel and see the world bringing the community together one city at a time. But T4L became much more than a Brand/Social Club. It is a lifestyle and a movement towards a better tomorrow living life to the fullest today. Though we had fun as kids, getting ticketed for speeding got old fast! lol.

So here we are…with all our local and international support, we look forward to creating multiple avenues for our older and all younger generations to collaborate and enjoy the Automotive Community. We open up our doors and invite you all to join us at any one of our cruises, meets or events.

Luis R. Quinones Jr.
Owner, Founder & CEO”

EVENT DESCRIPTION: 9 Judged Categories Includes: The Takeover Champion, Best Of Show, Best, Import, Best Domestic, Best Euro, Best Classic, Two Step Competition, Low Car Limbo, and everyone’s favorite, the Sound Off!!



1995 Mazda Miata
1989 Nissan Silvia

owned by Adriano Pelle

DRIVER BIO: “Automotive enthusiast from Montreal. I drive what I build. “


Thank you for sharing your garage with us, Adriano! Now, this definitely isn’t the biggest garage on MotorCrush, but it is one of our favorites. We like this garage because it includes a couple of iconic JDM classics that are still being modified, driven, and even tracked today. Miatas are known for being amazing track cars; the S13, in particular, has a long heritage in tuning culture and are popular drift cars. If you want to see more of Adriano’s garage, you can visit his MotorCrush profile through the link above.



2009 Ford Mustang GT
owned by Rick S.

DRIVER BIO: “Project car is named Cerberus. +500 RWHP. Instagram: @cerberus_3v”

CAR BIO: “Build in progress, no real goals. Just something to play around with in-between adulting and whatnot.”

BUILD STATUS: Under construction


Meet Cerberus, a beast of a Mustang with over 500 horsepower to the wheels and a ton of upgrades. One such upgrade includes a Roush supercharger kit, which bumped the stock horsepower up from 315 HP to over 500 HP. Some exterior upgrades include Forgestar bronze wheels and custom LED headlights. If you want more details of the upgrades done to this car, shoot Rick a message via the profile link above. While you’re there, make sure you drop him a like and follow!


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