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1998 Nissan S14a
owned by Rusty_boi


Owner of only the finest rust. Also fixer of broken cars, and finder of hidden parts. If it exists I can find it.

Instagram: adventures_of_rusty_boi
Club Instagram: Club_JDM_Uk

My car is a 1998 Nissan S14a UK spec. Owned it for approaching 2 years at the time of writing this and have spent most of that fixing it.

The car since I’ve bought it now has full braided fuel lines front to back, brand new fully adjustable rear end, as well as an APEXi Power FC ECU running it all, with some nice shiny Mtec brake discs and Brembo pads to keep everything in check.

2019 is the year of the boost! Which will see the old girl going for 350bhp minimum with a final goal of around 400, and possibly a forged engine.”


UPGRADES: APEXi Power FC ECU, HSD coilovers, and Japspeed camber/caster/toe arms.


Meet Rusty_boi, he is one of our most active MotorCush ambassadors from the United Kingdom and he is also an admin of Club JDM UK. In true JDM fashion, Rusty_boi daily drives a righteous color-shifting Nissan S14 and spends his weekends attending both local and national events with his crew. And to top it off, he is lucky enough to live in a place where right-hand drive is a common sight —a true JDM enthusiast’s paradise. We look forward to Rusty_boi and his gorgeous S14 representing the big MC. Make sure you welcome him to the team with a like and follow through the button below.

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2004 BMW 330i
owned by MysticE46

DRIVER BIO: “I like to drift”

CLUBS: Elon Motorsports

LAST ACTIVE IN: North Carolina

VEHICLE BIO: “Neglected for 10 years in Texas and 3 years in Virginia until I picked it up at a consignment lot and caught it up on all of the missing maintenance. This is a regular 330i in the rare M3 exclusive Mystic Blue color option, rare slick top option and to round it off, 6-speed manual rather than the usual 5-speed. Probably the only E46 nationwide with this configuration. My plan is to continue maintaining it, keeping it close to stock with a few OEM+ upgrades. It’s a daily driver and I will keep it on the road for as long as I can”

COLOR: Mystic Blue

ENGINE TYPE: M54B30 U.S. spec


MILEAGE: 129,000

BUILD STATUS: Preventative maintenance

TORQUE: 221 lb-ft

0-60 MPH: 6.5 sec

UPGRADES: BMW performance shift knob, AFE MACH Force-XP catback exhaust, BMW style 68 rims, ASA JH3 rims (winter set), H&R Sport spring set, German Auto Solutions coolant cap, BMW suspension reinforcement plates, Meyle metal impeller water pump, Koni STR.T shocks, and Cool Carbon S/T brake pads.


Let’s begin with some history, “E46” stands for the chassis code that represents BMW’s fourth generation of their highly successful 3 series platform. It was launched in 1997 and holds the title as the top-selling BMW of all time. MysticE46 is the proud owner of this gorgeous Mystic Blue 330i example with a set of factory options that make it rare among other 3 series of the same generation. Those options include its gorgeous Mystic Blue paint job, slick top (no sunroof), and a 6-speed manual transmission. The combined package makes a very desirable car in the eyes of any BMW enthusiast. We are excited to see MysticE46 continue to bring his car back from neglect into a pristine example of German engineering. You can follow his progress by following him via the link below.


Email for more info. 

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