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To help you get some points fast, check out the previous winners of the Andy Lally Track Days. Check out their profile, like their rides, and give them a follow to stay up to date on their builds and activities.


Bruce Smallacombe
of Pennsylvania

VEHICLES: 2017 Ford Mustang and a 1968 Ford Mustang

CLUBS: IMSA Teams, Drivers and Fans, Trans Am, and National Mustang Racers Assoc. racers and fans

DRIVER BIO: “Teacher, coach, and avid racing fan

Earth and space teacher. Have taught Physics, Physical Science, Biology, Oceanography, and Meteorology.

Presently coach 7th and 8th-grade girl’s soccer. Have coached baseball, football, and golf.

My life long love with cars began as a kid when my dad would take my brother and I to local dirt tracks. We’d go into the pits at the end of the night and meet the drivers and just enjoy the sights and smells of the race track. After a while, we started attending the old Tioga Speedway asphalt oval in NY and eventually found Watkins Glen. That’s where I realized my love of road racing and eventually Sports Cars! “

UPGRADES – 2017 MUSTANG: Ford Performance hood struts, America Muscle paddle shifters, Axis sport rims, Roush axle-back exhaust, and Continental Extreme Contact Sport Tires.


Our February winner, Bruce Smallacombe has a thing for Mustangs both old and new. In his garage, you’ll see a gorgeous trophy-winning teal blue 1968 mustang and a 2017 Grabber Blue Mustang with a host of aftermarket upgrades. It’s a very respectable garage for any Mustang enthusiast. Make sure you show Bruce some props for his collection via the button below.

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Jesse Holcomb
of Ohio

VEHICLES: 1987 Toyota Supra and a 2005 Yamaha R1

Dayton area
30 y/o
Engineer / Project Manager
– Twincharged (turbo & supercharged) MA70 Supra
– 05 Yamaha R1
E39 BMW (daily)
– F25 BMW x3 335i (wife’s)”

VEHICLE BIO – SUPRA: “I have owned the car for over 15 years, and started life as a non-turbo automatic. Throughout the last 15 years the paint, interior, rear end, transmission, and engine have been swapped or upgraded. I am currently running a twin charged 7m with a Holset hy-35 turbo and an Eaton m62 supercharger on a 100% custom setup. Some of the other upgrades include: 5-speed conversion, Brembo big break kit, stainless brake lines, sumped fuel tank, bigger lines, external fuel pump, intercooler, hard pipes, injectors, ceramic coated tubular exhaust manifold, HKS wastegate, turbo xs boost controller, 3.5″ exhaust, BBS wheels, oil filter relocation, Q45 throttle body, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, 4″ intake, reupholstered interior, Momo steering wheel w/ quick disconnect, 3D printed gauge pod, AEM wideband, Fjo oil pressure and boost gauge, Kaminari side skirts and back bumper, 89+ front bumper w/ 3 hole lip, 89+ taillights, 89+ moldings, 89+ door panels and seats, Greddy whale tail, Euro turn signals, HID retrofit, and a Greddy/Trust knob.”

VEHICLE BIO – R1: “Mods: KR Tuned exhaust, Graves velocity stacks, Graves rearsets, Graves smog delete, Graves bar ends, Geare -1 speedo, DRD Power Commander 3 LED headlights, burnt red copper paint, Puig windscreen, Driven clip ons, Competition Werks taillight, LRC triple tree, Greggs custom flush mounts, Greggs custom license plate bracket, and stainless brake lines.”


Jesse Holcomb was January’s Andy Lally track day winner and he has some pretty rad vehicles. His garage includes a JDM classic: the 1987 Supra and Yamaha’s flagship superbike, the Yamaha R1. Both of these rides have a host of aftermarket upgrades.

We’ll start off with the R1 to save the best for last. On the R1, you will find an upgraded KR Tuned exhaust, stainless steel brake lines, Graves velocity stacks, rearsets, smog delete, and various exterior modifications. These are some solid upgrades that make for a very quick bike. Now for the Supra: Jesse first picked it up 15 years ago as a non-turbo automatic. Since then, he has restored and modified this car into a stunning work of art and engineering. Jesse’s has a grocery list of mods, but the car’s most notable feature lurks under its hood. In the spotless engine bay, you will find a twin charged 7m with a Holset hy-35 turbo and an Eaton m62 supercharger on a fully custom setup. This is a very impressive build that you have to check out for yourself, so make sure you drop by Jesse’s profile via the button below!


Ben Maurer
of Pennsylvania

VEHICLES: 2016 Ford F-250 7.3L Diesel, 2001 Ford F-350, 2003 Freightliner Classic, 2014 Ford Edge Sport, and a 2008 John Deere 3720 Cab Tractor

DRIVER BIO: “December 2018 MotorCrush $100K Sweepstakes Track Day Winner!!!!

I’m a lifelong Ford fan and have owned everything from an 88 T-Bird, 94 Ranger Splash, 3 F-150s, 2 F-250s, and 2 F-350s.

Ford diesel pickup and semi-truck fan that is completely immersed in the 3.7L Powerstroke engine. I own 2 of them currently, one of which I built from a bare frame. Love to go to car/truck shows with my hand built truck and drag race both trucks.

Owner of ‘2 Bad 7.3Ls Racing’ based in Lebanon, Pennsylvania

I run 2 NMRA events a year and frequently run at Maple Grove Raceway in Mohnton, PA”

CLUBS: Speed Kings, Ford Performance Fans, WideOpenThrottle, MotorCrush – Pennsylvania, Manasshole Car Club, 86-Lyfestyle®, National Mustang Racers Assoc. racers and fans, Tunerz4Life crew, Dave A’s Cruising Friends, Ford, Evolutionz2Built, First State Mustang and Ford, IMSA Teams, Drivers and Fans, Central Pa Car Enthusiasts, MisFit Culture, Diesel fanatics, and Ford gang

VEHICLE BIO – F-350: “I bought this truck Easter weekend of 2006. I’ve handpicked each of the upgrades and built it with reliability and consistency at the drag strip in mind. I still pull trailers with it and haul with it.”

VEHICLE BIO – FREIGHTLINER: “I drive this truck at work and it’s a blast to drive. Full locking rears, 13-speed trans, and plenty of power”

VEHICLE BIO – EDGE: “My wife and I stumbled across this Sport while we were looking for one to just test drive and see if we liked the Edge Sport in general. Originally black wasn’t a color my wife was very interested in, but as soon as we walked up to it at the dealership she just stopped and said, ‘Holy Shit! It’s Tuxedo Black’. We purchased it in March of 2018 and absolutely love it! This will only ever be a mild build, but I still want to see what she will do in the 1/4 mile!!!!”

VEHICLE BIO – JOHN DEERE: “I’ve owned this tractor since early 2008 and have done so much to it I can’t even begin to explain it all. It was used to remove parts and drivetrain from the truck that was the doner for the build of The Vengeful One, along with many minor excavating projects such as driveway expansion and tree removal.”


Our first track day winner, Ben Maurer has one of the most diverse garages out of all of our winners thus far. With everything from a big-rig to a tractor, Ben could haul just about anything. That’s when he isn’t hauling away the competition on the dragstrip with his two Ford trucks. Check out Ben’s full garage and shots of him on the drag strip via the link below.


Our next monthly Prize Winner will be selected April 1st, so be sure to collect your entries on the MotorCrush app every day to increase your chances. The grand prize winner of the modded Nissan GT-R will be selected May 2019.


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