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MotorCrush is the social network - in the form of an app - for all car enthusiasts.

Build your in-app garage by adding your cars and customizations in a few simple taps. Check out other drivers in your area LIVE to see what's under their hood and where they did their modifications. Locate or start car meets via GPS positioning. Or connect with drivers around the world that share your passion for car brands and mods.

MotorCrush is a free app.

MotorCrush is best when you want to:

  • Go to a car meet or let others know you are at a meet or show
  • Chat within your club or plan car meets
  • Plan a new mod by looking at what others have done
  • Chat with friends
  • Share a new mod you have done with the community

MotorCrush is a great addition to the current popular social media apps. Rather than reinvent the wheel, MotorCrush adds the crucial live element to car culture and provides a new experience that fills the gaps that the others do not.

MotorCrush was built by automotive enthusiasts, for automotive enthusiasts. See for more details.

MotorCrush launched in April of 2017.

A car meet is a specified area where car enthusiasts are hanging out together, whether that is in a shopping center parking lot, a car show or a festival.

The default check-in time is 4 hours, but this can be changed in the settings tab on your personal account page (indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ).

MotorCrush will automatically end a check-in when your personal "preferred check-in time" has ended (found under the settings tab on your personal account page [indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ]).

To manually end a check-in, go to the home screen and hold down on the picture of the checked-in car.  If you are in a new location, you can also check the car back in by holding down the picture of the car.  From there, MotorCrush will recognize your new location.

Locations are only shared if you are a part of a car meet on MotorCrush. Individual checked-in locations are never shared to protect individual privacy.

Yes and no.  It is truly always "live" but in order to ensure you're seeing the check-ins in real time, be sure to refresh the page by pulling down on your screen.  Then you'll be sure you're not missing any action!

Flames generally denote likes for cars.  If you click on the in the upper right hand corner of a car profile, you will know that the like is completed, if the flame fills in orange.  The driver will be notified the next time they're on the app (or immediately if they have push notifications on).

The flame is also used to indicate the community and user activity screen in the main navigation ().

At any time, you can view who liked your car, who has started following you, and more by clicking the tab "you" under the activity section on your app (indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ).

If you have enabled "new like notifications" under the settings tab on your personal account page (indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ), you will also receive notifications on your device when someone has liked your car and a number will show up in the app icon on your phone.

Like most social media networks, this means they probably think you're pretty cool!  Logistically, they are now notified when you add a car, add a mod, check in your car and more on the "following" tab under the activity section on their app (indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ).  They can use your activities for inspiration and know when you're part of a car meet.

To check out the full list of your followers, click "friends and favorites" on your personal account page (indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ) and the list will be the first tab on the left.

Find a driver you think is pretty cool? Go to their driver profile and click the person emoji with the + in the upper right hand corner of their profile.

If they have set their profile to private, the driver will have to approve your request before you can follow them.

If their profile is public, the + should change to a two person emoji as soon as you click it.

From there, you can keep up with their activities (check-ins, cars added, mods added, etc.) by reviewing the "following" tab under the activity section on your app (indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ).

Yes! Visit the chat menu at the bottom of your app screen (indicated by this icon ) ) to message a friend, a community member about a car meet, or to even contact the Motorcrush Team. Tap the orange Chat icon, then search for the message recipient by name using the search field at the top of the screen.

If you are currently viewing a driver's profile, the same icon will also show up in the bottom right hand corner of the profile to allow you to quickly message that driver.

MotorCrush gives you the tools to list your car or parts for sale in the garage page of the app.  You can add them by clicking "Parts for Sale" under your personal account page (indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ).

Once added, a new "for sale" tab will be created on your personal profile next to your "garage." Wherever you check in, other users will be able to see what you have available and make you an offer by sending you a message.

We encourage everyone to put their ride on MotorCrush whether it has two wheels or eighteen wheels. What makes a community like MotorCrush great is the passion of each individual for their car, bike or truck.

Car meets outside of businesses are a great way to generate foot traffic. In addition to this, MotorCrush has a variety of business services in development that will be available soon to take automotive businesses to the next level.

Absolutely! In fact, we'd be honored! Share our posts on social media, spread the word to your friends, or click the share MotorCrush link in your personal account page (indicated by this icon at the bottom of your screen ) to send a customized URL.

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