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1972 Datsun 240Z owned by Mike Foreman.

The Nissan S30 was introduced in 1970 as the company’s halo car. It was produced to align Nissan as a direct competitor of European sports car manufactures and help get rid of the “econo-box” stigma given to Japanese automakers during that era. The car was designed by Yoshihiko Matsuo and given the name “Fair Lady” by Katsuji Kawamata, president of Nissan Motors. He named the car “Fair Lady” after the Broadway musical he saw while visiting the United States. He thought the name would invoke an essence of the car’s beauty to American consumers. However, Yutaka Katayama, President of Nissan Motors USA, did not believe that unmasculine name would play well in the testosterone-fueled and muscle car-saturated American market. The name needed to be more aggressive, something with sharper teeth: they eventually landed on the Datsun 240Z. Debuting in 1970, the 240Z hit the American market by storm as an affordable alternative to European GT sports cars. The car had a lightweight chassis and powerful engine, producing 151 horsepower and 146 lb-ft of torque. They pair together to create an unrivaled driving experience. Mike, however, was not satisfied with a meager 151 horsepower, so he installed an LS6 engine with more than double the power. That will certainly put a pep in your step! Make sure to drop Mike a like for sharing his ride!


V10 swap on a 1984 Porsche 944 owned by Tom ZarCuf.

Tom decided he needed a bit more power out of his Porsche 944, so he swapped in a Dodge 8.0L V10 Engine under the hood. Well, not really under the hood, he had to take that off in order to fit the massive V10. This build is an absolute beast; we highly suggest checking the rest of it out on his MotorCrush profile! While you’re there, make sure to give him a follow to stay up to date with his build’s progress. If you are looking for parts to swap into your build, try finding them with our new enhanced search bar. This allows you to search across categories to find exactly what you looking for. Whether it is a part or ideas for your next mod, you can find it fast and easy on MotorCrush.


“My first project car. Went from Grandma to mild to wild.”

– Tom ZarCuf on his 2000 Dodge Neon.

Normally, we don’t feature a person twice in one week, but after seeing Tom’s Porsche build we had to share what other projects this mad mechanic has had his hands in. How does a dodge neon with 410 lb-ft of torque sound? Pretty flippin’ awesome if you ask us. Upgrades for this car include a Precision turbo, Raceland coilovers, and Enkei EDR9s wheels. A great first build, we would expect nothing less from someone talented enough to swap a v10 into a Porsche. Make sure to give Tom some props by dropping him a like!


“Meet beast. Been doing shows forever. Now my mom owns a 2014 Roush convertible and I have this beauty of a 440a. We are a mom and son team. We’ve dubbed hers beauty and mine the beast, My sisters maroon 2006 GT is dubbed the rose.”

– Ray Calton.

Thanks for sharing your driver bio with us, Ray. Those are some great car names! We love to hear of enthusiasts that are able to bond with their family through a shared love for cars. Something tells us they’re a Mustang family. As a self-proclaimed “meet beast,” Ray would love our all-new meet feature. He could even start a bit of a competition at his next family get-together. All he needs to do is create a meet and tell his family members to check in their cars. This will broadcast the meet and add their cars to the meet leaderboard where they can compete for votes from other users and earn bragging rights until their next reunion. Make sure to keep an eye out for their meet on the live feed so you can drop Ray a vote!


1984 Chevrolet S10 Pickup owned by Max Hozjan.

A Chevy S10 seen here ripping through the woods, climbing over rocks, and swooping along ruts. This awesome shot is courtesy of MotorCrush user Max Hozjan. You can check out more shots of Max’s off-roading adventures in his truck’s gallery!


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