Your Weekly Boost 🏎️💨: 850 WHP 1996 BMW 328is

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850 WHP 1996 BMW 328is

owned by Joel Arciniega




Description: Honed/decked stock 2.8 M52, Eagle rods, M59/S50 head package, stock m52 pistons (10:2:1 CR), full APR hardware, Borg Waner 6673, pullied, E85, a standalone tune from RK Tunes and more.

The BMW E36 is the perfect platform for a build. It isn’t littered with complex electronics that plague many of the later models. The M52 engine is practically bulletproof, and the car’s driving experience makes you feel one with the road. When you add high horsepower gains like Joel did, it makes for a very capable vehicle, both for the track and the street. Our favorite part about Joel’s E36 has to be the turbo poking out of the hood—it looks really aggressive. If you liked this build and want to follow the rest of the progress, make sure you drop Joel a follow.

Note: “View in-app” link only works for android users. Apple users can search for Joel’s profile via the live feed search bar.



Edwin Romero


BIO: “Hey what’s up everyone? I am brand new to Philly and to be honest I want to meet up, meet some new people and share my passion for cars with everyone I meet! I drive a 2010 Camaro SS and I just bought her too! So I’m excited to show her off and go on cruises with her. So let’s do it!”

VEHICLES: 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

VEHICLE BIO: “This car is my dream car. Yeah it’s not the ZL1 but that’s because I can’t afford a ZL1 lol, but she’s the next best thing and I really enjoy having this car. She makes me feel alive. I’m so happy to have her that I literally go into the garage just to see her at night. She is amazing and I hope to share that experience with whoever I meet. Plus, I hope you get your dream car someday ☺”


Thank you for sharing your profile with us, Edwin! We love to meet people that share the same crazy passion for cars. We would be lying if we said that we didn’t also admire our rides some nights or look back while walking away in the parking lot. But that’s all part of the passion. To enthusiasts, cars are not just a mode of transportation: they are works of art and are supposed to be admired. Make sure you hit up Edwin if you’re in the Philadelphia area and welcome him to the local car scene.


Import Face-Off: Sunday 9am-6pm

Hebron, OH & Topeka, KS

EVENT DESCRIPTION: “Car/truck/bike show, 1/4 mile drag racing, stereo crank it up contest, drifting, burnout contest (time permitting), vendors, pit midway, DJ, 2 step competition, low car limbo.”

EVENT BACKGROUND: “Import Face-Off (IFO) originated in 2001 and is the largest, continually running national Import show and race series in the U.S. (40+ events from coast to coast annually). Our 400th event was in March 2018! The series pays out $250,000+ in cash, trophies, and prizes a year! Much more than just a race and show, IFO is a lifestyle event that follows current market trends. All together, series activities include: meet, car/truck/bike show, 1/4 mile drag racing, stereo crank it up contest, model expo, burnout contest, DJs, drifting, low car limbo, 2 step competition, and vendors. Don’t miss the next IFO that comes to your area!”


2014 BMW M6

owned by Carlos Rosa


VEHICLE BIO: “The car was Singapore gray so I got it wrapped satin flip ghost pearl, added all carbon fiber, and had the rims powder coated black. Now looking to put on rose gold rims, what do you guys think?”

COLOR: Satin flip ghost pearl

0-60 MPH: 3.8

We saw this M6 checked-in almost every day the past week, and we had to give Carlos a shout out! Plus, it also helped that he has a pretty sweet ride. Just look how awesome the pearl vinyl wrap looks, it adds such amazing depth that extenuates the car’s body lines and curves. We think some rose gold rims would really make this car stand out. What do you think? Drop Carlos a message via the link above to give him your opinion. While you’re dropping by, also make sure you give him a like for sharing his ride!


There are tons of events going on this weekend! Post pics and comments from the meet in the Meet Chat so everyone in the community knows what’s going on. But you don’t have to be at the meet to contribute—anyone in the community can get in on this!


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