Your Weekly Boost 🏎️💨: 2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

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2017 Audi R8
2013 Audi RS5
2008 Ferrari 430 Scuderia
2001 Ferrari 360 Spyder
owned by DV8_Verstarkt

DRIVER BIO: “Professional mechanical engineer, entrepreneur, Formula 1 fanatic and weekend bolt-on project addict.” 

UPGRADES -2014 RS5: ECS Tuning differential and transmission bushings, Verstarkt supercharger set to 15psi of boost, Miltek cat back exhaust, Eventuri carbon intake pipes and reverse cone, 21″ Brixton 3 piece wheels, ECS billet subframe X-brace, and Audison amp and JL components upfront. 

UPGRADES -2001 Ferrari 360 Spyder: F430 wheels and a Scuderia style exhaust. 


Now this is our type of garage, plenty of toys and tools to work on them with. We are big fans of the lifts as well, as a car enthusiast there is no greater luxury than not having to jack up your car. DV8_Verstarkt makes sure he gets plenty of use out of the lifts on the weekends when he puts his mechanical engineering skills to work by modifying and upgrading his cars. He doesn’t simply install his upgrades, however, he uses his engineering expertise to develop the parts himself. His most recent project involves designing supercharger systems for Audi vehicles. We are not sure when they will be available, but have been told they are launching soon. If you’re interested in learning more about the design and availability of the systems, feel free to shoot DV8_Verstarkt a message via chat. As always, make sure to drop him a like and follow while you’re there.

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2017 Fiat 500
owned by BonelessChicken

MotorCrush @BonelessChicken
Instagram @BonelessChicken27
Facebook @BonelessChicken88

CLUBS: MIStaRS, Great Lakes Car Meets, MotorCrush – Michigan, Royal raiders, Detroit Euro Car Nation, Michigan Mustangs, Bronco crew, Motor City Viper Owners, and MotorCrush – Ohio

DRIVER BIO: “I’m Keenan or Boneless or Boneless Chicken, some even call me Cuba or Chicken Wing —it all depends on which circle of friends I’m with.

I drive an orange 2017 Fiat 500 which is currently stock, but mods planned.

Where there is a meet or hotdogs you can find me.

Ambassador for MotorCrush, if you need anything let me know”

VEHICLE BIO: “This is Cozy Coupe. It is my first new vehicle and my second new car. It was named Cozy Coupe by my mom, not only for its color. The day I was waiting for delivery, she asked ‘when’s the Cozy Coupe getting here?’ So the name stuck. I run custom stickers with my name: Boneless Chicken with the likeness of the Little Tykes logo because of this. It is a stock Fiat 500 with upgrades planned.”

UPGRADES: Konig wheels, Michelin snow tires, Rally Armor mud flaps, and Cover King seat covers.

COLOR: Blood Orange


ENGINE TYPE: 1.4L 4 cylinder

MILEAGE: 8,900


The Fiat 500 is a quirky hatch with tons of character that will leave you itching for more! Keenan takes the quirkiness in stride, naming his Fiat “Cozy Coupe.” He adds even more personality with Little Tykes themed profile stickers.

Keenan has some big plans for Cozy. His goal is to create a car tuned for both the street, and the track. However, due to the current suspension setup not meeting SCCA rollover regulations, it hasn’t seen any track time just yet. The car has participated in some parade laps at Mid-Ohio and Waterford Hills, but we wouldn’t consider that true track time. Keenan is itching to get on the track—once he gets the car into regulation he plans on making that happen.

To do that, he’ll have to lower the car and slightly increase its width or track. We are pumped for Keenan to get those modifications finished so we can check out photos of him and his little Fiat tearing up the track. Make sure you give him a follow so you can stay up to date with his build and activity.


Email for more info. 

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