Your Weekly Boost 🏎️💨: 2014 Ford Mustang GT

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2014 Ford Mustang GT
owned by Ethan Allen

LAST ACTIVE IN: California

DRIVER BIO: “Just another car enthusiast looking to build a rough, rugged and raw Coyote Mustang with taste. IG: ethan_scott”

UPGRADES: Niche staggered 20″ wheels, K&N cold air intake, short shifter, BBK shorty headers, Custom x-pipe, Maximum Motorsports lowering springs, and a Heartthrob axle back muffler delete.

ENGINE TYPE: Coyote 5.0 V8

TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual


We’ve always been big fans of the Mustang GT, and this one might be one of our favorites. The car has red racing stripes across the hood and lower door panels that extenuate its body lines with red tire lettering to match. To complete the package, it also has a tasteful list of modifications including a custom x-pipe and 20″ Niche wheels. Make sure to pay Ethan’s profile a visit to see some more pics of his sweet ride. Just click the “View In-App” button above to be re-directed to his MotorCrush profile or find it on the All Time Trending feed!

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Open Garage and Club Q&A @ Pulse Dream Cars

WHEN: November 4th from 1pm-4pm

WHERE: 469 Carson Drive, Bear, Delaware 19701


OUR STORY: “We love the adventures of the open road. Like you, we have a list of cars that we would love to drive but can’t afford. Dream cars aren’t always the most expensive ones, but they are usually impractical to own. We all have families and financial commitments. So, we wondered how we could drive our dream cars without breaking the bank to buy them. We created Pulse Dream Cars for people like us. We provide our customers with variety and exclusivity at practical prices. To us, it’s not about social status, bragging rights, or going the fastest. It’s about twisty roads, sexy engine sounds, style, and emotion. We hope you experience driving thrills with us.”

EVENT DESCRIPTION: “Visit Pulse Dream Cars during our Open Garage events on Sundays from 1-4. Find out how YOU could drive exotic cars all year at a very affordable price. Chat with Pulse staff in a relaxed and pressure-free atmosphere.

Also, relax in our club lounge and enjoy free beverages and snacks. Bring your own ride to show it off. Talk to other car enthusiasts and network.

Pulse Dream Cars is launching a new shared-exotic car club in Delaware. We are seeking founding members who like to BUILD things. If that describes you, stop by to get your questions answered”.



2010 Lotus Evora
owned by Benjamin West

TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual

MILEAGE: 25600

UPGRADES: Difflow diffuser, radium intake, gold/black vinyl and Ceramic Pro coated.


This is the Lotus Evora, a two-seater mid-engine sports car and one of the most comfortable Lotuses every made. The car has 276 bhp and 258 lb-ft of torque thanks to its Toyota-sourced 3.5L V6 engine, and does 0-60 mph in 4.9 seconds. By no means is this a supercar killer, but that’s not what it was designed for: The Evora does best on the race track and back roads where it can take advantage of its exceptional handling and mid-engine driving characteristics. Overall, this is a great choice if you’re looking for a sporty car to take out on the weekends. As always, make sure you drop Benjamin a like and follow for sharing his ride.


Isaac Espinal
Vehicle: 2016 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack

DRIVER BIO: “Follow me on my journey as I upgrade my scat pack. IG: challenger.travels”

UPGRADES: Borla Atack exhaust and Rimblade wheels.


A blacked out challenger with amber eyes sits on a cobblestone promenade, preparing to unleash its V8’s throaty roar upon the city streets. This awesome shot is courtesy of MotorCrush user Issac from New York. Make sure you drop him a follow via the link above to stay up to date on his Challengers ongoing build.


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