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Jeremy Mumford
of North Carolina

VEHICLES: 2015 Chevrolet Camaro SS

LAST ACTIVE IN: North Carolina

CLUBS: MotorCrush – North Carolina

Instagram: @Fvckenumvenn

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TRANSMISSION TYPE: 6-speed manual

BUILD STATUS: In progress

UPGRADES – 2017 MUSTANG: KraftWerks supercharger, BMR trailing arms, Forge blow off valve, AAM 3.91 gears, Eaton Detroit True Trac differential, GM ZL1 fuel pump, BMR lowering springs, Powerhouse Performance dyno tune, offroad X-pipe, NGK TR6 spark plugs, Cipher Auto 4 point harness, Nicks Customs custom front splitter, stage 4 camshaft, BMW polyurethane trailing arm bushings, GM Z28 spoiler, ProSport digital boost gauge, Vmax throttle body, stage 3 “lightweight” steel flywheel, MSD two-step launch control, FAST 85LB fuel injectors, 3M hood wrap, Barton Industries short throw shifter, MRR 228 Z28 replica wheels, Texas Speed long tube headers, Spec stage 3 clutch, BMR polyurethane differential bushings, DNA Motoring harness bar, ProSport digital wideband AFR, Solo Performance exhaust, and a driver mod produced by Mom.


Jeremy Mumford is our 5th Andy Lally Track Day winner! But before we let Jeremy get behind the wheel, we asked to hear about his story: “I got my 2015 SS Camaro brand new as an early Christmas gift to myself. Funny enough, it was actually a lease. I had all intentions of turning this car in after my lease ended 4 years from the signing date. 4 years later, I have successfully built my dream car. My first ever car was a 1991 Nissan 300zx. My father purchased this for me as a ‘fixer up’ project. Years later, I got into my first Camaro. My father was in law enforcement, so I purchased a 2001 retired B4C police package z28. This is where I developed my passion for cars and all things LS. When GM discontinued the Camaro in 2002, I promised myself at the age of 17 that I would purchase a BRAND NEW Camaro if GM decided to bring it back. Finally at age 25, I got my hands on one. Before I bought out my lease, the car has already been bolt on/cam. At this point, I obviously had to buy it out to avoid a crazy amount of penalties! There are too many mods to list. You can see all of my current mods in my profile. To me, my Camaro is more than a car. It has brought me friendship, happiness, and a strong reputation in my local car community. My YouTube channel “Nasty2SS” is also based around my car. This is ultimately why I jumped on MotorCrush shortly after the app was created. To share my passion for cars in a community that feels the same as I do. I’m close to finished with my build. But plan on adding a few more things. Let’s be real though, the build never ends. I hope to meet other members of the MotorCrush community as the app continues to show major growth.”

We look forward to seeing Jeremey on the track soon. But before we go, we had to give him some props on his mean Camaro SS. That thing is heavily modified with everything from a KraftWerks supercharger to Texas Speed long tube headers. Not only does it have an impressive upgrade lists but it also has an awesome gallery. So make sure you stop by his profile via the button below.

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2015 Dodge Challenger Hennessey Hellcat
owned by Shawn Mercier


CLUBS: Team One Deep and MotorCrush – Texas

DRIVER BIO: “Love muscle cars, all of them. Started heavy into challengers back when I test drove an R/T in 2010, I’m tall so it is a comfortable ride. Got my first R/T in 2013, traded that in for an SRT8, then traded that in for what I thought was a deal of a lifetime. My current ride, a 2015 Hennessey Hellcat, daily driver.

The car has an amazing history behind it. It is the first Hennessey Helcat produced, was at SEMA in November 2016, and was in the Flotilla in The Grand Tour Season 1 Episode 1.

Just started doing shows this year, 7 so far! Excited to be an ambassador for MotorCrush heavy in 2019!!

My IG is @merciershawn

Part of a Texas car club, Team One Deep out of Corpus Christi, Houston, and San Antonio.”

VEHICLE BIO: “First Hellcat Hennessey modified. Presented on Nov 16 at the Las Vegas Sema show. Can be seen in the Flotilla of The Grand Tour Season 1 Episode 1. Bought nearly two years ago, just started doing car shows.”




MILEAGE: 24,000

0-60 MPH: 2.9 sec


Meet one of our favorite Ambassadors, Shawn Mercier. He daily drives a mental 853 horsepower Hennessey Hellcat that has made it this week’s ambassador ride of the week. Shawn was nice enough to share his car story with us: “I love all muscle cars because we come from all walks of lifestyles and have a common bond, the vehicles. I’ve met some amazing people since owning this car, I was extremely shy beforehand. I got my daughter into enjoying the car scene as well, she loves the shows and interacting with people. So much she wants her own Challenger when she is older. I had a 2012 Challenger R/T, traded that in for a 2014 Challenger SRT8, and traded that in for my dream car, the Hellcat. The Hellcat is my daily. Oh yes, I bought it to drive it. Too much fun not to! I cannot do any more for the engine or horsepower-wise. But my license plate is really funny, I always get questions on it because it says “NOT707”. Normal Hellcats run 707hp. Mine is 853bhp. I feel MC can do some fantastic things for the community with the ease of adding events, cars, clubs, and the ability to follow them. It is a really easy application to use. I definitely want to spread the word with more car shows that I go to.”

Shawn just started going to car shows this year and it seems like he is really enjoying it. We would like to wish him a great season and welcome him to the team. You can do the same by dropping him a like and follow via the link below.



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