MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 2016 BMW M6 (F13)

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This is a road shot of a 2016 BMW M6 (f13). It is the featured community car of the week.




2016 BMW M6 (F13) owned by Kris Haley.

That is one gorgeous car that comes with stock twin turbos slapped onto a cylinder engine which means A LOT of horse power right off of the dealership lot. But despite the factory looks, this beast is packing a slew of after-market modifications under the bonnet.  From the pics, it looks like this Bimmer is the center of attention at car meets. If you think you’ve seen this car out and about, shoot Kris a message and let him know.








Armytrix Exhaust on the 2015 370z Nismo, owned by Dylan Oesticher.

This is one aggressive looking nismo roadster with an exhaust sound to match. Do you have a fairlady (Original name of z cars) in need of an exhaust? Hit up Dylan and ask him how he likes his upgrade.






“I can’t go through fast food drive thru anymore” – George Phelps about his 2014 RAM 2500. 

Check out the pictures of this RAM and you’ll know why…even better, check out what’s in the background of the featured photo.






“I’m a US Service Member, I love cars and circuit track, was stationed in Germany for 5 years and accumulated 200 laps on the Nurburgring Nord-schleife. Looking to meet and link up with fellow gear heads to share our Car passion.” – Edward Delacruz

First of all, thanks for your service Edward! Second, the Nurburgring ring track (AKA “the green hell”) is one of the most treacherous 12.9 miles of road in the world! Especially when you open it up to the public and allow basically anything with more than 1 wheel on the track. They even have a track bus. Yes that is right, you can even take rides around the track on a bus. You should definitely shoot Edward a message to hear about his experiences.






2016 McLaren 675lt by Chris Heliin.

It’s not easy to find a background that will measure up to a red McLaren but Chris seems to have nailed it.  Check out the McLaren’s gallery to see more of Chris’ great shots.

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