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2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe


2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe owned by Don Morrison.

While the masses would most likely compare this car to a clown’s shoe, a BMW enthusiast would see it as a majestic unicorn; a description attributed to both its rarity and looks. Whether you like the appearance of the Z3 M or not, it is an amazing driver’s car nonetheless. Built for the purist, it was developed under the leadership of engineer Burkhard Gӧshel, who initially had a difficult time convincing the board to approve its production. Although it was eventually accepted, dealer sales were slow, mainly due to the unique styling of the M coupe. As a result, its production term only lasted 4 years (1998-2002) and only a limited number of examples were produced. This means that Don has a pretty unique ride, which is why we picked him to be our featured car of the week. See more of Don’s Z3 M Coupe on his MotorCrush profile.

Twin GT45 Turbos


Twin GT45 Turbos on a 2004 LSX RX8 LS Mazda owned by Tony Proctor.

Apparently an LS swap alone did not make this RX8 fast enough for Tony. Instead, he took it a step further and strapped a pair of GT45 turbos to that LS V8 engine stuffed under the hood. Tony didn’t list how much power he gained from his twin-turbo install, but we think it’s safe to assume that it trumps the stock output of this RX8. We can only imagine what his next mod will be. Check out more of Tony’s crazy build by visiting his MotorCrush profile.

2011 BMW 328xi


“First car I want to modify! Any input is greatly appreciated.”

– James Coyne on his 2011 BMW 328xi

BMWs are the perfect choice for a first car to modify. There are tons of aftermarket part suppliers and a huge amount of support on the online forums. James should become fairly familiar with the forums, as they are a huge resource of information for modifying, fixing, and maintaining your ultimate driving machine. Have any suggestions on what first mod he should do? If so, then shoot James a message on MotorCrush and follow him to stay up to date on his car’s progress.

Driver Bio


“I love cars. I love cars so much I’ve gone through several in the past years. I love modifying and making a car my own. I’m a part of a group called Extreme Racing.”

– Adam Wakeland

We love cars too, Adam! And we know how hard it is to only stick to one. As you stated, the best part about owning a car is making it your own. For many enthusiasts, this means that a car serves as an extension of your personality or a canvas for self-expression; it is more than just a vehicle. This ideology is celebrated throughout car culture and is part of what makes our hobby so great. Thank Adam for reminding us of this and give him a like and follow. While you’re there, checkout the thousands of other MotorCrush users who are also modifying and making a cars their own.

1967 Austin Mini Cooper S


1967 Austin Mini Cooper S owned by Tom Maliga.

This is a stunning shot of your Mini, Tom! We love how your car’s profile reflects off of the stream by its side. If you enjoyed this photo, visit Tom’s MotorCrush profile to see the rest of his gallery.


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