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2004 Rousch Ford Mustang


2004 Roush Ford Mustang owned by Ray Calton.

This fully built Roush edition Mustang with 682 horsepower matted to a manual gearbox can go 0-60mph in 3.82 seconds. According to Ray, the previous owner sent the vehicle to Roush Performance after the original supercharged motor blew. His mod list prices out the Roush upgrades to almost match the cost of a new mustang. That’s a serious price for a serious performance car. See more of Ray’s built Mustang by visiting his MotorCrush profile.


Boostlogic front mount intercooler on a 2010 Nissan GTR owned by Jamie LewLew.

Jamie self-installed this upgraded front mount intercooler on his 2010 GT-R. An intercooler is an intake air cooling device commonly used on turbocharged and supercharged engines. When air is compressed by a turbo/supercharger, it becomes very hot and as the temperature rises, the air’s oxygen density decreases. The intercoolers job is to cool this hot air, therefore lowering the temperature and increasing oxygen density. This provides more oxygen rich air to the engine thus improving combustion by allowing more fuel to burn. The front mount intercooler Jamie used increases cool airflow to the intercooler allowing the intake air to cool more effectively. See more of Jamie’s cool GT-R on his MotorCrush profile.

1994 BMW 325


“Lemons car. Painted like a Blue Tang its name is Dory.”

– Brian Dunne on his 1994 BMW 325

If you didn’t catch the film reference, Dory is a blue tang fish from the movie, Finding Nemo. And for those who have never heard the term, “lemons car”, this refers to cars used in the 24hrs of Lemons Race. An endurance race series for cars that cost $500 or less. If you want to learn more about the series Brian races in or just want to drop Dory a like, you can do so through Brian’s MotorCrush profile.


“Been a gearhead my whole life and I’m a technician professionally as well. I have always loved cars and trucks, and I always will. I love connecting and meeting other gearheads and hanging out. My life revolves around cars, fitness and family.”

– Lionel Lyde

Either Lionel’s car has a very odd bio or his driver bio is in the wrong place. Either way, it was a pleasure to read. Like Lionel, we love meeting and connecting with fellow gearheads, too. At MotorCrush, we strive to create a community that encourages such behavior. This goal has been one of the main driving forces in the creation of the MotorCrush network. Make sure you reach out to Lionel on MotorCrush if you also enjoy connecting with fellow gearheads.

1995 Toyota Supra


1995 Toyota Supra owned by Jake Rupp

Check-out this shot of Jake Rupp’s mint Toyota supra. This bright red supra looks like it just drove off of the SEMA show floor. With its seemingly flawless paintjob and tasteful exterior upgrades, this car is a show stopper. If you enjoyed this photo, head over to Jake’s profile and see the rest of his car’s gallery.


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