MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 2017 Tesla Model S

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2017 Tesla Model S owned by Grant Melko

Who says you can’t go fast and save the environment at the same time? Check-out this high powered electric supercar killer owned by Grant Melko. With a 0–60 time of 2.5 seconds in ludicrous mode, this car will blow the doors off any Nissan Leaf and give exotic supercars a run for their money. Go give Grant a follow and ask him how he likes the new 2017 Model S.








JDM SR20DET on the 1995 240sx, owned by Hok C.

This 1995 240sx will leave a stock 240sx in the dust once Hok and his performance shop, Jtune, are finished with it. Under the hood you will find a fully built JDM SR20DET engine done by Jtune. Engine modifications include but are not limited to: Cp forged pistons, ARP hardware, Tomel camshaft, head gasket, oil pan, BC valve spring & titanium retainer. This is one serious build. So how much horse power does 8k get you? 500 hp which is more than enough to do some nice skids.  You should check out the rest of Hok’s build on his MotorCrush profile.






“I got my Miata right around when I turned 15, and since then I have spent every day loving, caring, and modifying the hell out of it. I attend autocross races and hope to soon be flying around the real track.”

– Briggs Jones about his 1991 Mazda Miata MX5

This track missile is the perfect example of a car that was built not bought. Amazing job on your build Briggs! There is nothing like the bond between an enthusiast and their first car. Hope you and your Miata have years hooning ahead of you.








“Car guy, hockey lover, proud son of a motorhead…proud father of lots of little motorheads. Cruises, shows, races, concours, love’em all.”

– Derek Meluzio.

Nothing keeps a family closer than a shared passion for cars. In Derek’s family this is a passion held and passed down through the generations. Thanks for sharing your story with us Derek!





2007 Dodge Ram 1500 Truck owned by Grant Lincoln.

Great shot of your Ram 1500! This photographer could probably work for Dodge, taking an older truck and making it look brand new. Truck lovers should check out more pics and connect with Grant.

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