MotorCrush PROFILES OF THE WEEK: 2015 Camaro SS

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2015 Camaro SS owned by Chaney Smith.

Check out the ride of the week! This is the SS version of the Camaro, which means that it comes with an upgraded 6.2 liter V8, versus the base 3.6 liter V-6. It also has a stiff, sportier suspension. The engine is matted to an optional six-speed manual or automatic transmission and is good for 426 hp & 420lb-ft of torque. That power helps the Camaro overcome its larger size and ensures that it is no slouch. From the sharp body lines running through the hood vents to its arching fenders, this car’s looks are as aggressive as its V8 sounds. Make sure you drop Chaney a like on MotorCrush for sharing his ride!


XS Power bypass valve on a 2000 Audi A6 owned by Robert Pace III. 

Robert is in the process of rebuilding his Audi’s engine after a connecting rod broke the block back in February. To take advantage of his car’s downtime, he will be adding various customizations and parts as he waits for his new long block to arrive. One of these upgrades includes an XS power bypass valve. It gives the function of both an engine blow-off valve and a recirculation valve in engines with metered airflow management systems that recycle boost back into the engine. This means that you get the satisfying sound of a blow off valve between gear-shifts, in a normally quiet, closed turbo system. By venting some air out of the bypass valve, it prevents turbo damaging compressor surge. If you liked this mod make sure to check out Robert’s profile for build updates and photos!


“Fun RWD car to drive and take to car meets on Saturday nights.”

– Americo Sanabria on his 2000 BMW 323i.

You’ve got that right, Americo! BMWs are some of the most fun and best handling cars that money can buy. If you don’t already, make sure you are checking in your car next time you hit up your meet. It is a great way to promote the meet to more people and more importantly get more likes on your car! Make sure to shoot Americo a like and follow for sharing his car bio with us.


“I am 22 and a huge car enthusiast. My father and I built an 82 Monte Carlo from the chassis up.”

– Gage Elsasser

Thank you for sharing your bio with us, Gage! Building up a running car is one thing, but building a car from the chassis up; that takes some serious skill, hard work and time. Gage and his dad must have gained a ton of quality father and son bonding time while wrenching under the hood together. Make sure you pay Gage’s profile a visit to check out his sweet 82 Monte Carlo!


2017 Honda Civic Type R owned by Joshua McCallon.

Checkout the sidewalk reflection, it really enhances the intoxicating curves of the fender. Also, the tilted camera angle gives a unique viewing perspective. An all-around great shot from Joshua McCallon. Make sure you pay his MotorCrush profile a visit to check out more of his Honda Civic Type R!


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