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1990 VeilSide Evolution III-R R32 GT-R owned by Speed Merchant.

Behold the car that hangs on the wall of almost every JDM fan boy’s room, a 1990 VeilSide Evolution III-R R32 GT-R. According to the Speed Merchant, this is the only genuine VeilSide R32 located in the UK. This car is special in part because it is a clean R32, but also because of the VeilSide body kit that wraps its panels. VeilSide’s first year of business was in 1990, headed by the company’s founder and now legendary tuner, Yokomaku Hiranao. The company played a huge role during Japan’s tuning boom of the 90s. Enthusiasts were fighting to get their hands on VeilSide body kits, steering wheels, engines, or interior parts. The Speed Merchant’s car is sporting one of the original body kits made during that time. More specifically, it has VeilSide’s stunning Evolution III-R body kit, which features bolstered front and rear fender arches that give this R32 a voluptuous figure that demands attention. If you want to see more of the Speed Merchant’s ride you can follow him on MotorCrush. You can also find him on GTROC as the register’s vice chairman and national events coordinator.


Invidia downpipe on a 2014 Subaru STI hatchback owned by Eddie Acevedo.

The downpipe is a vital component in turbocharged vehicles such as the Subaru STI. A downpipe connects to the exhaust-exiting end of the turbo that routes exhaust pressure to the rest of the exhaust system. In stock form, the pipe can be restrictive. However, a performance downpipe is less restrictive and increases the pressure differential of the turbo’s turbine, thus allowing the turbo to spool faster and hold boost longer. This all sounds great, but it is important to do your research before jumping into this mod. First, there are a few different performance downpipe designs to choose from, such as divorced or bellmouth. You also have the option of going with cated or catless downpipes Your selection will ultimately vary based on your budget, current mods, and state emission laws. Overall, a downpipe was a great performance upgrade for Eddie’s STI. If you want to check out the rest of the build, head on over to Eddie’s MotorCrush profile.


“Fully built by STMtuned through and through. Stay tuned for more as the car is completed in the coming months.”

– Michael King on his 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Thank you for sharing your build with us, Michael! We had a great time going through your gallery and watching the car’s progression. Right now, it looks like the bodywork and interior are almost finished. Next steps will be to complete the electrical and then the real fun will start: building the engine and drivetrain. Like Micheal said, stay tuned for more as the car is completed in the coming months. Make sure you give him a follow on MotorCrush so you don’t miss out!


“Owner of OBXTunerz Car Club on the Outer Banks NC. Come hang with us on Sat nights at Burger King in Kill Devil Hills NC from 7pm to 10pm. We meet from March to the first week of December.”

– Thomas Havemann

Thank you for sharing your bio with us, Thomas! Like many MotorCrush users, Thomas has his club listed on MotorCrush. Doing so gives him many added benefits, such as scheduling club activities, broadcasting announcements, and inviting new members. It also gives his club exposure to thousands of new enthusiasts on the app, which helps attract new members and grow the club’s reach. If you are interested in joining the OBXtunerz Car Club, you can search for it on the MotorCrush club’s page. While you’re there, you can also create a club of your very own!


2015 Subaru WRX owned by Yong Shin.

A Subaru catching its breath as it looks past the rising mist toward a winding road ahead. What an epic shot of your WRX, Yong! It looks like Young was carving up the canyons when he decided to pull over for a photoshoot. Or maybe he could no longer see the exit around corners due to the encompassing mist. Either way, we are glad he stopped because he was able to capture this blissful scene. If you enjoyed this photo, visit Yong’s MotorCrush profile to see the rest of his awesome gallery.


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